ZAC Celebrates Paitishahem Ghambar

On the eve of September 16th, Zoroastrian Association of California (ZAC) celebrated the Paitishahem Gahambar, at ZAC Atash Kadeh, sponsored by Shahnaz Mavandi. It commenced with a Jasan performed by Zarrir and Zerkxis Bhandara along with Dr. Cyrus Dastur, the grandson of late Vada Dastur of Iranshah, Dr. Hormazdiyar Mirza. After the Jasan, Zarrir spoke about the importance of celebrating Ghambars as one of Zarthosti duties.

Paitishahem, which literally means ‘bringing in the grains’, is synonymous to imbibing/absorbing the blessings of Ahura Mazda. Achieved through His manifestation, the fire, by reciting our holy Manthravani 5 times a day as prescribed in our holy scriptures, which is as simple as performing a Kusti prayer or even simpler, just by reciting 2 Yatha Ahuvairyos and 1 Ashem vohu, if unable to pray in all 5 different watches/gehs of the day. The celebration concluded with dinner by Zerkxis Bhandara.

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