101st Salgreh Of Deolali Dar-E-Meher

On 2nd October, 2017, the 101st Salgreh of Bai Ratanbai Jamshedji Edulji Chenoy Dar-E-Meher, Deolali was celebrated with a ‘Khushali nu Jasan’ performed by Panthaki Er. Nozer Mehenty, Dr. Er. Rooyintan Peer, Er. Rooyintan Mehenty and Er. Freddy Dastur at 5:00pm. 12-year-old, Er. Rooyintan was acknowledged for his loud and clear recitals of the Jasan prayers, followed by a Humbandagi. The celebrations shifted to the Neterwala Hall, where Firdaus Kapadia welcomed Dr. Peer, followed by the trustees of the Deolali Nasik Parsi Anjuman felicitating the priests, staff and volunteers of the Agiary.

He explained that during Navjotes, the prayer ‘Jasme Avange Mazda’ is recited to include the words ‘Mazdayesni Ami’, meaning I am a Mazdayesni, followed by ‘Mazdayesni Zarthosti’, meaning I am a Mazdayesni Zarthosti. Referring to the migration of Zarthostis from Iran, he said Yazadgar Sheriar, who created the present Parsi calendar, had earlier gone to China from Iran. There were many others who spread to many other parts of the world, but the core group reached India knew that India was known to Zarthostis as trade routes and contacts with India were old. India was the safe abode for them as India also has the greatest religious tolerance. Dr. Peer also elucidated how Atash Behrams are our spiritual boundaries which protect our religion and protect our existence. He said, “The first indigenous Atash Behram was consecrated 252 years ago in Navsari. We are fortunate to have 8 Atash Behrams in India, but setting up a new one today is next to impossible, so preserving the current ones becomes our prime duty and service towards our religion.”

Dr. Er. Rooyintan Peer gave a brief religious background about ancient Persia, stating how the Mazdayasni (meaning followers of Ahura Mazda) religion existed much before Zarthosht. Paigambar Zarthosht added His philosophy to it and today it is the ‘Mazdayesni Zarthoshti’ religion.

Following an insightful spiritual talk, the gathering of over two hundred and fifty Zoroastrians enjoyed gambhar in the Agiary compound catered by Udvada’s
Farohar Caterers.

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