105th Celebrations Of Kolkatta’s Atash Adarian

On the auspicious occasion of the 105th anniversary of Late Er. DB Mehta’s Zoroastrian Anjuman Atash Adarian, the Parsi community in Kolkatta gathered at the agiary for a Jasan ceremony at 10 am, performed by Er. Jimmy Taraporwalla, Er. Viraf Dastoor, Er. Darayas Karanjia and Er. Behramsha Karanjia. The devout Zarthusthis of Kolkata took the blessings of the Atash Padshah and then proceeded to the community hall to partake chasni and snacks. Every year, on this day, the Adarian Trustees Noshir Tankariwala, Yezdezard Dastoor and Jemi Bilimoria show their respect and gratefulness to benefactor, Late Er. Dhanjeebhoy Byramjee Mehta and his family, for this wonderful endowment in the form of an agiary for the Parsi community of Kolkata. A minute’s silence was maintained as a mark of respect to the benefactor. Following an address by Tankariwala, the gathering moved to the Adarian for the ‘Fala Ni Maach’. The Trustees recognised the hard work and dedication of every staff of the agiary with a token of appreciation. The auspicious day concluded by a sumptuous gambhar organised by the Adarian Trust for the Kolkata Parsi community.

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