A Boost To A Noble Cause

Earlier on different occasions, Parsi Times highlighted the work of fellow Zoroastrians who come together and volunteer to clean up and beautify our various Agiaries and Atash Behrams. An appeal was also made to the community to donate cleaning equipments and instruments which not only help speed up the cleaning process but also curb expenses. Parsi Times is pleased to inform our readers, that not only did fellow community members come forward and donate various electronic gadgets and cleaning equipments, but also contributed cash for the purchase of various cleansing liquids and soaps. Speaking to Parsi Times, volunteer and coordinator of the drive, Mahernoz Jiwasas said, “A number of community members called us and donated innumerable gadgets, such as vaccum cleaners, all of which are in the good conditions. Jamshedji Guzder, another community member lent us his mechanical equipments to use as long as we require. We are also overwhelmed by the number of people who have stepped forward and offered to help clean and beautify our places of worship.” Currently in the process of beautifying and painting the Banaji Atash Behram, in wake of its salgreh that falls on 1st November, 2017, fifteen to twenty Zarthostis have been roped in for the same. Expressing his gratitude Mahernoz said, “We are thankful to Cyrus Irani who owns a bakery and has come forward to serve all the volunteers at work in Banaji Atsh Behram delicious breakfast and confectioneries. We also express our gratitude to Anahita Desai for her constant support.”


To Volunteer Or Donate Contact Mahernoz Jiwasa on 9594376579/986963079

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