Chomp And Cheers: Goan Prawn And Squid Curry

2 Grated Coconuts, 15gms Whole Coriander, 3gms Jeera, 1gm Methi Seeds, 3gms Black Pepper, 15gms Garlic, 10gm Ginger, 50gm Kashmiri Chilli, 2.5gm Curry Leaves, 400gm Onion, 2.5gm Turmeric Powder, 75ml Oil, 10gm Salt, 500ml Water, 500gm Prawns, 300gm Clean Squid, 500gm Coconut Milk, 50gm Lady Finger Fry, 25gm Kokam.

In a sauce pan add oil and sauté all ingredients together and allow to cool down. In a mixer, blend all these ingredients together by adding some water steadily. Seave in strainer, removing all the pulp and then cook the extract (gravy) well. Add the cleaned prawns and squid to the gravy and cook well. Finish it with fried lady fingers, coconut milk and kokum extract. Serve with steamed rice.

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