Faith Works Wonders!

Start your weekend with positive vibes with inspirational excerpts from the acclaimed book, ‘Homage Unto Ahura Mazda’ by Dasturji Dr. Maneckji Naserwanji Dhalla of Karachi.


Dasturji Dr. Manekji Naserwanji Dhalla

Faith is the belief in the unknown, as belief is the faith in the known. Faith soars the highest heaven and dives to the deepest depth. Faith knows no bound and breaks through all barriers. Faith reads the secrets of the earth and deciphers the mysteries of heaven. Faith knows all and sees all. Faith asks not for facts, demands not proofs, and seeks no evidence. Faith thinks not, cogitates not and reasons not. Faith believes and believes wholly and unreservedly. Faith knows no ‘No’; it knows only ‘Yes’. Faith makes the weak strong and the timid brave. Faith heals, faith creates, and faith moves mountains. Faith is power, a talisman that works wonders.

Faith is assertive and aggressive, authoritative and arbitrary, adamantine and unreasonable, static and firm as a rock. Credulity is faith’s failing and with credulity for its companion, faith believes what is possible and impossible, credible and incredible, anything and everything.

Omnipotent is faith, but not eternal. Faith is secure when reason is asleep. The child is angelic, for it knows not guilt and is shadowed not by sin. But the child does not always remain the child. With the breaking of the dawn of its mind, it ceases to be child. So is the childlike faith roused by reason and disturbed by doubt. Doubt is active, it seeks and ventures and risks. It lets not faith take everything on trust, it questions it at every turn and lets it not rest in the passivity of belief. Doubt, in its struggle, spells death of faith.

When doubt assails me and faith grows dim and fails me, lead me, Ahura Mazda, from destructive doubt to reasoned faith. Let my faith be wedded to reason and let it be based on conviction. Give me faith and more faith, but not the blind faith. Give me the seeing and discerning faith of Thy Armaiti and save me from the weakness of a credulous mind. O Vahishta Manah, Thou Best Mind!

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