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From The Editor's Desk

Looking Forward…

Are you someone who wakes up looking forward to something every day? Or does your daily life function with routine-passivity, like it’s on auto-pilot? One of the unfailing keys to happiness is having something to look forward to. And anticipating something fun means you enjoy that happy experience for longer, even before it’s begun. Looking forward to things has a motivating effect on us, it gives us a sense of purpose. ‘Looking forward to things’ is not so much about ‘the things’ as it is about your perspective towards life because when you change your perspective towards these things, they actually seem less boring or humdrum.

Cultivating the habit of looking forward to new things, no matter how small, goes a long way in creating happiness in our lives. Is there a new restaurant you’ve been meaning to try? Or a short film you’ve been meaning to watch on you-tube? Or then, even simply arranging for a couple of hours of me-time where you’re curled up with your favourite book or any other hobby that makes you happy. Or, you could find something to celebrate instead of waiting for an occasion – a for-no-good-reason house party with people you love fills you with happiness! The one thing that never fails in spreading purpose and happiness in your life and the life of others is service – and getting involved in various aspects of community service always fosters unity and goodwill. Cultivating a healthy sense of looking forward to a new day is also very beneficial for our mental health. Boredom causes many people to slip into states of anxiety and is one of the main triggers for relapsing into negative habits.

As we bid adieu to the monsoons and get ready for the onset of our favourite festive season over the next few months, there’s so much to look forward to! And especially when it comes to a Community as small and close-knit as ours, the festive season holds special relevance, as we end up bumping into old acquaintances and adding new ones. By the time the summer starts setting in and marking the end of the festivities and celebrations, we are richer with more friends, more memories and well, more kilos! But then that’s a risk we’re more than willing to take!

So here’s to committing to have something to look forward to daily, and here’s looking forward to welcoming a fabulous festive season! Do write in to share with our readers what you most look forward to.

Have a fun weekend!



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