Kappawala Adarian Celebrates 161st Salgreh

Roj Sarosh, Mah Ardebehest, marked the 161st salgreh of Sheth Shapurji Sorabji Kappawala Aderian, Tardeo, commemorated with a Havan Geh Machi and two jasans performed by Panthki Er. Jamshedji Bhesadia and his team of mobeds, in the presence of the Trustee, Meherji Makati. The evening jasan was also performed by Er. Bhesadia and other mobeds on behalf of the Trustees of Seth Shapurji Sorabji Kappawal Charity Trust, in presence of Trustees Aspi Driver, Pervez Driver, Meherji Makati and Darabsha Druwala. The occasion was attended by Ex-BPP Chairman, Dinshaw Mehta and a joyful crowd of humdins. Kappawala Aderian was originally founded on 10th November,1857, at Bahar Kote, Dhanji Street, where Dasturji Kukadaru was known to have served. Due to diminishing Parsi inhabitants in nearby localities, the Aderian was shifted to Sir Ratan Tata Colony Road in 1941 for Tardeo residents.

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