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Jiyo Parsi- May Our Tribe Increase

Jiyo Parsi- May Our Tribe Increase
Three years back the Government of India launched the Jiyo Parsi scheme offering medical expenses for treatment of fertility to Parsi couples. This scheme was well intended and resulted in producing 108 babies in three years. In the earlier days, about four children were normal in a family, seven to eight and seldom were a cricket team of eleven siblings, also raised. Since about last sixty to seventy years, we find a sharp decline in the number of births. There are various reasons, but more important is the social stigma, a mind-set in our community, to bring up only one child, offering the best care and luxury we can afford. We have come to believe that providing with most expensive toys, or offering lavish birthday parties, we are doing the best to our child. We fail to realise that we are depriving our child, of the joy of the company of his siblings, a joy which can never be compensated with all the wealth of the world. This one child norm has brought a decline not only in number, but also in moral values. A pampered child tends to be selfish and arrogant, remaining discontented, and at times not willing to share or care for others. With such attitude, he is unable to adjust within social circles or bond effectively with business associates and life partners- more cases of divorce have been noted in cases of a single child.
For the development of the child to his full potential, it is necessary that he is brought up in the company of siblings. Your poor little rich child has heaps of expensive toys and gadgets, but no companion to play with! With brothers and sisters around, the child is secure and protected against the bad influence of outsiders. Family life becomes disciplined and orderly as the older children from their young age take up the responsibility of younger siblings, and the young ones learn from their peers. Thus bringing up more children, is not as stressful as bringing up one pampered, arrogant child. A few fights and small scuffles among siblings are inevitable, but they add spice to their lives and build up their character. Children are so pure in hearts, they make up in no time and even take up their siblings blame on themselves. This pure, selfless bond of love and friendship is unique in nature and remains lifelong as a pillar of strength, throughout our lives. Siblings are the most precious gifts to us from our loving parents!
Another great advantage of having more children is to provide greater security for our old age. By having more than one child, even if one is not with you, there are others to look after you in your old age. And imagine how flattered you will feel, being loved and cared for, in your old age, not only by your own children, but also by their spouses and probably by your grandchildren too!
We may have to toil a little harder for a few years, but we cannot imagine, how time flies! Before we realise, our babbling little babies grow up into independent, responsible and mature adults, the pride and joy of our lives! We work hard to create more and more wealth, but we do not care to raise more children, who are our most precious assets, to enrich our lives and ensure security for our old age.

– Piroja Jokhi

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