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It is indeed interesting and good approach by our BPP to update the community about their performance through ‘BPP CONNECT’ published in the Parsi Times. It is good governance and gives transparency in their activities. While going through the information provided by BPP in Parsi Times dated October 7, 2017, I have a few observations:

  1. Applause to the maturity of the Trustees in resolving their issues amicably without much funfare.
  2. Regarding the expenses incurred by the BPP for FY 2016-17, it is observed that the Trust has incurred Doles to the tune of Rs.2.71 crores whereas Education support is only Rs.51 lakhs. Are our priorities right? Today parents pay a lakh of rupees as fees in kindergartens for a year!! As much as we know sometimes these doles given to needy people are misused. We also need to re-visit the criteria for giving Education assistance. Education is the only area where we can help our youngsters to grow and excel. In fact, these doles should be given to needy children for their education.
  3. 102 flats have been allocated in the last two years. This is excellent news! However it would be more transparent if we give the names/details of allottees as we find a number of young couples still living in rental houses with very high rentals or accommodating with parents in small houses.

The above is just observation and do not wish to start any controversy. However, I would sincerely urge the BPP to encourage the youngsters with Education help, Rs.51 lakhs in today’s times is not at all enough, we need to do much more!

Meher Edibam

Kudos Bachi Karkaria!

I endorse and support Bachi Karkaria’s view on the subject of why she wont sign the Parsi Fire Temple Petition. It is very well articulated and I thank her for expressing the views of the True Parsi Zorastrian. She has my total support and I have also not signed the Petition. I’m proud of her sentiments expressed so well in the Sunday Mumbai Mirror. Bachi, I dub thee Knight of the Parsi Community! Rise Lady Karkaria! Jai Hind!

Noshir Anklesaria

A Chance For Everyone

Your articles are some of the best of 2017. They give our community hope for future. I wish to share a suggestion regarding your Letters To Editor. Though a lot of us readers write in to you our ideas and contribute our suggestions, most can’t be printed due to space crunch. I suggest that every article from readers should have a word limit of approximately 200 words, as this will allow many others to fit in this column and the rest of us can get to read the different view-points from our fellow community members and get to understand their opinions and suggestions in your eseemed paper.

Aspi Aibara

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