Ripple Effects



Making Time To Smell The Roses!

‘Ripple Effects’ by acclaimed Life Coach, Soft Skills Specialist, and Personal/Corporate Counsellor, Desirée, is dedicated to your personal growth and professional success. Known worldwide for her motivating and effective ‘Ripple Effects’ Workshops, Desirée has achieved glaring success in turning around hundreds of lives over the last two decades


“Honnneeeeey, did you see my red stripped tie?  It’s not in the cupboard!”

“Mommmmm, where are my socks?  I need them for the football – quickly!”

“Baai, apne ghee kahan rakha? Rotli ke liye chahiye”

…Is this how people around you sound? Everyone asking the whereabouts of everything?


I just cannot physically find another minute to do more!” …is that how YOU sound?


At a recent workshop I did on ‘Organizing Your Life’, the following tips and tricks, I’m sharing with my Parsi Times readers, helped a great deal.


  • Make a list:

What drives you nuts the most? When something plays on my mind, I note it on my ‘things to do list’ so I WILL get it done.  Eg: At this moment as I work on this article, I made a quick note to buy a trash basket as there is no trash basket near my computer table and I cannot throw the waste pieces of paper until I walk to the kitchen to do it.


  • Don’t get distracted

Even as you’re trying to sort out the bills for payment, you see the toys left outside by the kids. So as you scoop them up to put them away, you notice that the Lego’s are mangled with the train set, so you now sit to untangle. And you’ve forgotten about the bills that need to be paid though that was a priority. So, ensure you finish what’s important before getting distracted.


  • Space Management:

If you use something only once or twice a month, store it high or low; things you use regularly should be stored between hip to eye level for easy accessibility. I used to store my cookbooks in my kitchen but that consumed the space needed for more useful things in the kitchen. So, I moved out the cookbooks in the hall, except for three that I use regularly, freeing up good space to accommodate more useful kitchen stuff.


Being organized brings in efficiency in getting all the things you want done, and helps find time to enjoy and smell the roses… and to heck with the rest, because you don’t need to sweat the small stuff. Do write in if you need specific help in organizing your life so that you have enough time to ‘smell the roses’!


You can avail professional sessions with Life Coach Desirée at PT’s special discounted price. Those seeking progress, personal growth and success in all important areas of life – Career including Soft-Skills for Success; Vocational Guidance; Relationship Management and Parenting; Emotional/Motivational Upliftment; and numerous other life-solutions, could mail Desirée at or call 8169636849 for further details. Anonymity and confidentiality guaranteed; Counseling available personally and digitally (Skype/Telephone).



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