Taichi For De-Addiction

Addiction is a serious concern these days. Research points at contradicting reasons for getting into addictions – from having nothing to having everything in life; and being bored or simply experimental. Adverse conditions and a strong need to escape or cope at any cost makes one indulge in cigarettes, alcohol or substance abuse as a defence mechanism. As also, a need to forget the harsh realities of life. Teenagers today face tremendous pressure to perform. Just good marks and being a good human being is not enough. One has to be excellent and stand out. Many develop cold feet and are unable to withstand the stress. Marketing executives, managers and others in the rat race are constantly stressed. There are many chasing your job and so you cling on with all that you have, at times at great personal cost. Recreational drugs help de-stress and gain easy respite.

On the other hand, there are those who experiment with drugs due to peer pressure or just for the heck of it. Sometimes people move in friend circles that believe that ‘chasing’, ‘snorting’ and drinking like fish at parties is cool. But no matter what the reason – the result is negative and self-destructive. Those who can drop the habit and move on are genetically fortunate, but for many it becomes a way of life, a crutch they cannot do without.

Addiction from a holistic viewpoint stems from a lack of a strong-willed mind. Pure energy harnessed by the body ensures a healthy mind and body. When one starts to look at quick-fix extraneous means to feel good, then one invites potentially damaging external influences to rule one’s life. When one is not able to channelize and harness positive energy, it leads to energy-stagnation in the body and mind, leading to a variety of issues.

Tai- Qi can correct the imbalances in the physical body that have taken place because of addiction. Lack of sleep and appetite, anaemia, weakness and other issues get addressed slowly. A ‘meditation in motion’, Tai Qi starts by calming the mind and brings about a sense of self-realization which helps the person stop abusing his/her body.  Tai-Qi strengthens inner resolve and helps one turn within to find answers. With constant and dedicated practice, Tai-Qi slowly calms the turmoil within, bringing about inner peace and stillness.  This in turn boosts confidence and gives them reason to look forward to living, succeeding and socializing. It gives courage to people to get up and start walking again even if they stumble and fall. Dedicated practice brings about a sense of discipline which further filters into the daily functioning of one’s life to bring in a mental and physical regime compulsory for addictive personalities. It teaches them to live one day at a time filled with positivity and good health. But most of all, it helps them be comfortable being with themselves and start loving themselves.

These two Qi Gong points can help tackle addictions. However, please note that one would still need medical attention and proper monitoring.

  1. Press the tip of the earlobe and keep it pressed for 2 minutes. Repeat this thrice daily. You can use this point to overcome an urge to indulge in any vice.
  2. Sit comfortably. Inhale slowly but naturally and count the seconds. As you breathe out, increase the exhalation by a few seconds more than the inhalation. Let inhalation automatically follow again. Breathe out once more, little longer than the inhalation. Repeat this for 3-4 breaths. Do this thrice daily and also whenever the urge arises.

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