Bikers’ Date With The Ultimate Fitness Guru – Kaizzad Capadia

“Every man needs a profession, which is preferably his domain of expertise. A profession that he loves, simply because it is a profession that allows his talents to achieve EXCELLENCE. But, what completes him is a HOBBY that he loves with all his heart – a hobby that takes him away from his beloved profession for just the right amount of time to rejuvenate him. A hobby adds a dimension to us as humans and makes us more well-rounded. On a simplistic, non-philosophical note; it just makes life exciting!

My profession involves providing technical, vocational education, in the field of Fitness Sciences and Performance Nutrition to people who aspire to be fitness professionals and earn their livelihood in the booming Fitness Industry. MY NEED is to keep working towards enhancing physical strength, which eventually builds a fine physique. MY HOBBY is RIDING ON 2-Wheels. This choice of a hobby is inbuilt in me, as I am a BAWA like all of you and I’m sure most of you share this hobby. Some unknown reasons sort of make us Parsis fall in love with Bikes.

Well, on Sunday, the 3rd, I wish to ride with people of the Fitness Industry who profess a living in the Industry that I work in and share my passion for BIKING AS A HOBBY. Maharashtra tourism, through its dynamic State Tourism Minister, is surprisingly and refreshingly keen on promoting the Roads and Trails in Maharashtra as a Biking Haven to encourage Biking Tourism. Having ridden extensively in Maharashtra, I agree that we have certain National Highways traversing the length and breadth of Maharashtra, that are an absolute delight to ride on.

One of my favourite roads to ride my BMW GS is the Mumbai-Nasik Highway. It used to be a nightmare to ride or drive, but now our State Government has transformed it into a beautiful highway, that has its fair share of straight, open, wide, flat-out tarmac that allows you to explore the upper limits of your horse power and also the NOW wonderful One-Way Kasara Ghat, offering the rider orgasmic twisties. Being One-Way, it really offers the opportunity to bank on those curves with the safety of no on-coming vehicles.

We expect to be a tidy group of Fitness Professionals totalling up to 50 bikes. The Bikes should we Road Worthy, with a minimum Cubic Capacity of 200cc, with sufficient Horse Power to cruise at about 100kmph at relatively low revs ( We will maintain road discipline and adhere to speed limits) on the flat-out roads and sufficient Torque to not gas out and lose power on the upward climb of the Ghats. Safety is of utmost importance. Accidents are unfortunate and kill the exhilaration that we seek. Full Riding Gear is compulsory. We will be accompanied by a professional Big Break-Down Truck. A proper fully equipped Ambulance with Para-Medics, experienced mechanics, essential basic spares, puncture kits, escort vehicles (4-Wheelers).

BMW Motorrad, India by Navneet Motors, has been kind enough to lend me the awesome BMW1200GS for the ride, while my wife Kalyani will be riding alongside me on my very own nifty and agile BMW-F650GS. There will be a lot of Kawasaki’s, Yamaha’s, Honda’s, Triumphs, Ducati’s, Harley’s, Indian’s, a lot of Royal Enfields, some good Pulsar’s, etc.

The plan is to leave at 5 am and reach destination Nasik, latest by 9 am with a short Chai/Coffee stop-over. Breakfast, Lunch and Tea at a destination (It’s a beautiful spot, details will be provided to those who register) relaxing, chatting about bikes and rides. Some experienced riders will share riding tips, safety tips and experiences. After a day well spent, depart at 4 pm and reach base back in Mumbai by 8 pm. If this appeals to you and sounds like something that is worthy of sacrificing a lazy Sunday for, join me and email me on

I have always believed, ‘Even Hell feels like Heaven when you RIDE through it!’”

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