Centenary Celebrations Of Sanjan Stumbh

16th November, 2017, witnessed the centenary celebrations of Sanjan Day with Community members across India gathering in the jasan hall to commemorate the occasion. Commencing with a jasan ceremony led by Vada Dasturji of Udvada, Khurshed Dastoor at 10am, followed by a Humbandagi at 11am, the celebrations moved to the grounds, where the function continued with a short prayer for the departed soul of Mobed Palanji Pirojsha Dastoor. Welcoming the gathering, Core committee of the Sanjan Day celebrations, Bapsy Daviervala said, “I am happy to see such an overwhelming turn out even on a working day and I am proud to share some of the achievements of our Parsi community in all fields since the last 1300 years.”

Committee member, Paricheher Daviervala highlighted interesting bits of history of the Sanjan Stumbh and stated, “The Sanjan Day celebrations began in 1982, and today celebrates its 25th anniversary. The Sanjan column was built for Rs.22,000/- only, and 2020 will witness another grand celebration of the 100 years completion of the opening of this Stumbh to Parsis.” The beauty of the glorious Sanjan Stumbh, standing tall and looking at the sky, lies in its monumental strength and strong architectural work which has seen many a weather and climate changes in the last 100 years.

Sharing insights into our rich heritage, Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor said, “Our great forefathers who had vision and commitment made sure that we will be safe in India. We are lucky to have been accepted and settled In India.” BPP PRO, Godrej Dotivala credited Bapsy Daviervala for her excellent caretaking since years, along with her late husband, Rohinton Daviervala. “The Sanjan Stumb is a national monument and symbolizes the solidarity of the Parsi community. I remember when Narendra Modi, as CM of Gujarat visited Udvada for the first time and bowed down to Him with full respect,” said Dotivala.

The occasion also highlighted the special relations of the Gaekwad family of Baroda with the Parsis. Attending the centenary celebrations, Prince Himmat Bahadur Jitendra Singh Gaekwad of Baroda said, “My grandfather attended the Sthumb opening ceremony and today I am happy to be invited to attend the centenary function.” Working towards safeguarding the future of our community, the Jiyo Parsi team was invited to say a few words, with Dr. Katy Gandevia sharing alarming statistics of the diminishing Zoroastrian population, stood at 57,000 in India. Supporting the cause, Pearl Mistry of Jiyo Parsi said, “I wish we have more Parsis attending the Sanjan Day in the years to follow, especially now that we have one hundred and twenty-four Jiyo Parsi babies born till date.”

Delivering the vote of thanks, Havovi Varvadewala thanked Noshir Homawala for donating lunch for the day, the organizers, caterer Kaizad Patel, the children and staff of the Jadi Rana school at Sanjan, local administration and police, and the huge Zarthosti crowd for making the Sanjan Day Centenary Celebrations a success. The program concluded with Chaiye Hume Zarthosti and the National anthem sung by Marzban Wadia, followed by the huge crowd of eight hundred people proceeding for the vegetarian gambhar.


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