Film Review: A Bad Moms Christmas

Didn’t know  moms could be so bad  (wish I could have added an emoji)! Just 15 months after ‘Bad Moms’ released last year, comes this Christmas episodic film, with  grandmas in tow.
And what happens when they descend upon their daughters and grandchildren? Set within a span of a week, the film begins with the subtitle ‘six days til Christmas’ and gathers momentum as Yuletide nears, reaching  its apogee on D-day.
Reprising their roles from the earlier ‘Bad Moms’ are Amy (Mila Kunis), Kiki (Kristen Bell) and Carla (Kathryn Hahn). And keeping them company –literally — are Ruth (Christine Baranski), Sandy (Cheryl Hines) and Isis (Susan Sarandon). All the three mother-daughter relationships are strained, frigid, and to a large extent, impersonal. The film continues from the earlier one and we are shown the comaraderie among the three. The crux of the film is invested in the surprise visits from the senior moms which alters the equation in each of the families.
Writer/Directors Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, in attempting to squeeze every ounce of the success of the earlier film, have tried every trick in the book with a great deal of raunchiness and debauchery. Even kids of a single-digit age get to mouth four-letter words.
Kathryn Hahn gets the maximum footage and she makes the most of it. On the whole it’s a film which may satisfy viewers who have seen the first instalment. The release of the film six weeks before Christmas is intended mainly for Western audiences  whose countdown has already begun.
And no, it isn’t just the title that’s ‘bad’.

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