Jehangir Mehta Recognised As NYC’s Most Sustainable Chef

Bombay boy, Jehangir Mehta is named by the famed Michelin as New York City’s ‘Most Sustainable Chef’ for his unique graffiti he displays in every plate that he serves at his twenty-seater, ‘Graffiti Earth’ restaurant, inside the Duane Hotel.

“Graffiti is my style – it’s my aspect of life growing up, as well as what I feel and what I like to draw on that plate,” says Mehta who serves vegetable-driven dishes boasting flavours of his Indian roots and Persian heritage. Sharing the ‘sustainability’ aspect at his eatery, he says, “It’s all about trying to save and reuse as much as we can,” as he recycles old newspapers as placemats, while food and drinks are served via an eclectic mix of plates and glassware that have been brought in from his house. Mushroom is one of his main ingredients. Mehta also repurposes leftover coffee grounds for his Irish coffee ice cream.

Growing up in Bombay, Jehangir lived a sensible lifestyle where surplus wasn’t discarded but given to the house help, in keeping with his belief is less wastage and sustainability.



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