Religious Insights With Bomi Sachinwalla

PT Reporter Khushroo Mehta caught up with religious scholar Bomi Sachinwalla, Managing Trustee of Vasai’s Manijeh Sachinwalla Dar-E-Meher, who shares remarkable religious insights into numerous aspects that every Zoroastrian needs to know.


PT: What is an ‘Atash Kadeh’?
Sachinwalla: The real source of an Atash Kadeh consists of ‘Kadim Ahurtekesh Mazdayasni Zarathustrian Dean’, with each word having its own meaning and significance. ‘Kadim’ means, ‘no beginning, no end, something which is infinite’, ‘Ahurtekesh’ signifies, ‘from the conscious of Ahura Mazda’, ‘Mazdayasni’ stands for the ‘One, who knows the powers, contributes and surrenders to the higher spiritual natural powers’, ‘ Zarathustrian (Ratu)’ is the one who ‘is in charge of all Yezasne, whether in Hasti or Niti, while ‘Dean’ means our very ‘Religion’.

PT: Can you explain the context of the word ‘Dean’?
Sachinwalla: The foundation of Dean consists of three parts – Aash or the conscious of Ahura Mazda in the form of ‘fire’; Khureh or the constitution of Ahura Mazda which itself means ‘pure existence’, ‘pure consciousness’, ‘pure bliss’ (these three total up to Khureh); and Keshas or the laws and karma. The very foundation of our religion lay on the seven pillars – Yasna, Maatra, Atash Kadeh, Dokmenasni, Sudreh Kusti, Meher Patet, and Buna Pasbani, which all eventually lead up to Humata (Hasti), Hukta (Yast in Niti), and Harvesta (Yast in Gati-Earth).

PT: Tell us about the significance of an Atash Kadeh. How does it affect our lives?
Mr. Sachinwalla: All forms of an Atash Kadeh have the objective of receiving the cosmic power from the sun and blessing us with it when we visit the Atash Kadeh [Atash Padshah] at the Agiary. Since it is believed that there is a fire in each one of us, when we go to the Agiary and pray in front of the Kebla, there is a unique spiritual connection developed with the power of our Avesta prayers. Mumbai is blessed with 45 Atash Kadeh, in and around it, for its prosperity and protection.

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