EIL Bombay Centre Celebrates UNO Day

On 4th December, 2017, The Experiment in International Living (EIL) – Bombay Chapter celebrated ‘UNO Day’ in a South Bombay Hotel, in keeping with its consultative status with UNESCO since 1978. It was presided over by dynamic Community Chairperson Dr. Lily K. Mistry who highlighted the importance of UNO Day and was hosted by immediate Past Community Chairman and Hon. Secretary, Viraf K. Mistry. Keynote speaker Subarna Ghosh shared her experiences on being invited by the United Nations this year as a Goalkeeper and shared the 17 Goals of the UN. 18-year-old Shruti Ghosh highlighted the need for gender equality as part of the UN’s Global Goals. The EIL Bombay Chapter under the leadership of Dr. Lily Mistry published a bulletin highlighting the activities of 2016-2017 in the Bombay Centre. The National Vice Chairperson, Ameeta Desai praised Speaker Subarna and the EIL Bombay Chapter for its activities.

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