From The Editor’s Desk

From The Editor's Desk

Dear Readers,

The topic of the hour – the reconsidered stand taken by the Valsad Parsi Anjuman, on the urging of the Supreme Court to allow intermarried Parsi women into places of religious worship – has, as expected, garnered conflicting reactions from our Community. The move, which is feared as the racial nemesis and religious dilution by some, is celebrated as the long-awaited, socio-religious reform by others! The same legal intervention by the apex court, which is considered path-breaking by some, is considered heart-breaking by others.

It would be stating the obvious to mention that once again, social media platforms are manically abuzz, overdosing on forwards that provide ‘news’ from various media sources, in numerous avatars – as analysis, interpretations and editorialised views, which contest each other’s ‘news content’, and create further chaos and confusion in our already divided Community. It’s even more disappointing that we were unable, as a community, to come together as one, and come up with a collective solution to resolve the matter, instead of digging our heels in the ground – which ultimately called for resorting to legal intervention to resolve the matter.

We need to show a greater sense of respect towards each other and unite as a Community before we completely corrode the very essence we symbolise and stand for – wisdom, compassion, progress. Our religion was always intended to be the biggest unifying factor of our tiny community – it was singularly the strongest factor that cemented our community bonding. It is sad, but hopefully not too late to come together and unite as a Community that is wise and mature enough to settle our own issues without seeking external help and making a public mockery of both – the community and the religion. Unity is the crucial need of the hour.

And speaking of unity, on a happier note, the much-awaited mega-cultural platform for all Zoroastrians, the Iranshah Udvada Utsav 2017 is upon us! Just one week away, our lovely Udvada will come alive with Zoroastrians from India and all over the world, coming down to offer their prayers to our holy Iranshah, and to celebrate our glorious culture, in magical camaraderie! Parsi Times is privileged to partner such a magnificent initiative which will further the cause of the much needed unity in our Community. So get ready for a fabulous community reunion next weekend!

See you there!

– Anahita

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