The Real Meaning Of Christmas

A tiny baby was born in a humble stable at Bethlehem and that was when the story of Christmas started. The baby grew to become the ‘King of Kings’, teaching humanity that LOVE is the only way to live life. LOVE is the real meaning of Christmas. It is so easy to love those who love us, but can we ‘turn the other cheek’ like Christ? Can we even dream of saying, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do” to persons who want to attack us? Unconditional love is easy to talk about, write about, but most difficult to practice.

The real meaning of Christmas lies in its Star, in the Shepherds and the three Wise Men. The star in the sky as Jesus was about to be born, indicated the cosmic hour for the birth of a prophet. The shepherds indicate ordinary, poor, meek people and the three wise men are a metaphor to show that out of an entire population of people, only three really cared for and understood the cosmic importance of the birth of a saviour. The star, shepherds and the three wise men are a metaphor and an exoteric or outer symbols for X’Mas, whose esoteric or inner meaning lies in the hearts of people who are capable of unconditional love, because without that kind of love in our hearts, the tiny babe was born in vain.

The very purpose of Christ’s life was to embed the message of ‘love thy neighbour as thyself’, in all who would listen and understand that the ultimate road to salvation is to love one another. Unless we do that we shall have millenniums yet to be tread in our progression towards the ‘Ultimate Reality’ or Oneness with God.

The real meaning of X’Mas is also hidden behind all the shopping, festivities, eating, drinking, dancing, rejoicing, dazzling lights, X’Mas -trees and decorations. In fact, X’Mas is the most beautiful time of the year because men’s hearts are opened with its true spirit wherein others’ needs are put before one’s own. This is the blessedness of GIVING rather than RECEIVING!

Today there is so much unrest, misery and wretchedness in the world because there is a lack of love in the human heart and where love lacks, fights, misunderstandings, bickering and even warfare prevail. You can scrap every battleship and war-plane, you can let every gun, cannon and missile rust, but that will not stop war. People will continue to fight even if they have to use stones and sticks!

Nothing but spiritual understanding between one human-being and another, between one nation and another, between the rich and the poor, between the powerful and the helpless will produce peace, goodwill and prosperity. Whenever mankind sinks to the lowest depths of spiritual ignorance, disobeying the Cosmic Laws of love and harmony, God uses human-instruments to adjust matters at the appointed hour in the cosmic clock. The turmoil among nations, the moral wickedness among people and the suffering of miserable millions, as a reaction, provokes some divinely-inspired man, who we call a Prophet to come to the rescue.

Jesus was one such prophet. He ascended directly after his earthly incarnation with God. It was his life’s mission to love all men, women, children, sinners, the rich and the poor, the humble and the mighty for only thus could he explain to us God’s rule of love and goodwill to ‘all creatures great and small’.

Our heart is more than mere arteries, veins and ventricles. Each heart is a temple of God. Within each heart lies the power to either good or evil, to love or hate. The right choices advance our ultimate union with the supreme force of the Universe (God). When you can take others into your heart, even those who hurt you, you can practice the true spirit of X’Mas. This way, one day lived at a time, doing all the good you can, progresses, until several days, weeks and years are joined together and at the end of this dream (MAYA) we call ‘life’, when we return to our  ‘real home’ we can say, ‘I have found the key to open the door that leads to reunion with God!’

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