A Religious Chat With Er. Nozer Mehenty – Part II

In the second and conclusive part of this exclusive series, Panthaky of Ratanbai Chinoy Agiary (Deolali), Er. Nozer Mehenty, chats with PT Reporter Khushroo Mehta and elucidates the importance and relevance of various aspects and rituals pertaining to Zoroastrian religion.


PT: Who can perform the Vandidad and Nirang Din prayers and where do they need to be performed?
Er. Mehenty: Vandidad and Nirangdeen ceremonies can be performed only by Mobeds who have completed Sampuran Navar and Martab ceremonies from Madressa (Yozasthregar Mobeds). It can be done only by Barshnum Mobeds. Vandidad and Nirangdeen are known as Pav Mahal ceremonies. A place is set aside to perform these holy ceremonies – like an Agiary and Atashbehram.

PT: Tell us more about these prayers
Er. Mehenty: It takes five to six hours to perform the Vandidad ceremony. The Nirangdeen Kriya is eighteen days long. The last night ceremony of Nirangdeen is considered to be most auspicious. Nirangdeen is performed from 1 am (night) upto 6 am in the morning. In order to perform the Vandidad, two Mobeds need to remain full time in Khub. They have to perform Baj before drinking or eating anything. These ceremonies are performed for the dear departed souls or even for one’s own self or living family members (Jind-a-Rawaan)

PT: How often can one request for a Vandidad and Nirang Din kriya to be performed?
Er. Mehenty: Depending upon the means available to an individual, he or she can ask for these ceremonies to be performed as many times as preferred, for as many people who have passed away or are alive.

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