Spiritual Auditing In The New Year

New Years are a perfect opportunity for taking stock of your life, auditing, accounting and doing a bit of spiritual Hisaab-Kitaab. We are almost into 2018 and are a year older than what we were last year. Also, we have lost one more year of this precious incarnation if we have not made any spiritual progress. We may have made more money, name and fame in the year, but have we earned more of anything that will be useful to us in this life or in future incarnations?

Did we collect more on the credit side with good karma, meditation and giving happiness to others, which will accompany us in our spiritual progress life after life and take us further on the path, so that we may reach God’s feet one day? Did we purchase more virtues? Have we sold any of our vices? If not, we have borrowed bad karma and incurred more ‘karmic-debt’ to be paid sometime in the future.

Having done this, let’s decide that 2018 will not be wasted. Fill up the passbook of life with good deeds to your credit and pay-off all the bad debts by saying sorry or being kind to people you have hurt. Don’t be scared of bad-debts because past is past and we never say ‘Happy Old Year’. This New Year is all we have, to make amends and continue progress.

The best New Year’s resolution we can make is to acknowledge the unity of life. What is unity of life? It is the Universal Law of oneness. Occult literature is full of allusions to the underlying oneness on which all oriental philosophy rests. You can find it everywhere if you really look for it. Upanishads call it cosmic-consciousness. Hinduism explains the one life force in all forms, shapes, colours and sentient beings with Tat Tvam Asi, which means ‘Thou are that’. The German mystic Eckhardt

Said, “God is the soul of all things and everything”.

Study any religion and you will find the same message. There’s a beautiful fragrance that emanates through every religion – a heady, mind-boggling, extremely sweet fragrance that comes from the teachings of every prophet, sage, savant, seer, thinker, philosopher and saviour that ever walked on this planet. It is this fragrance that should touch the lives of all persons. If every person truly believes and lives according to this concept of unity of life, all suffering will vanish. For peace in the world, man needs to have peace of mind in his own heart.

At some point of life, each one of us has asked, “What is the purpose of this life?” The purpose is not just to amass wealth, hold on to powerful positions or to eat, drink and be merry. The real purpose according to the highest teachings of all philosophies is regarding the one reality and its many manifestations. We are all at the centre of consciousness in a great ocean of life. We are all connected to each other and everything else in the Universe by countless spiritual and mental filaments, which emerge from the fountain of one supreme reality.

This New Year, resolve to carry with you the thought of one life, one energy that permeates the Universe and underlying that one life is its real self, its essence, its spirit which is the absolute, living, feeling, suffering, rejoicing, longing, striving “in” and “through” us. The absolute is in all that reality is, and all the visible forms of life are its expression. Respect the one supreme energy in its countless forms of manifestations from a tiny ant to a man. Don’t get entangled in the web of illusion called life, which is merely a series of Karmic meetings and partings between various souls.

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