‘Together Towards Tomorrow’ At 11th WZC, Perth

When the very first Iranshah Udvada Utsav was held in December 2015, Australia was awarded the host nation for the 11th (Adult) World Zoroastrian Congress for the year 2018, as decided at the Global Working Group meet. Brandishing the motto, ‘Together Towards Tomorrow’, four days, dated 1st to 4th June, 2018, will celebrate the coming together of Zoroastrians globally, in one of the world’s most beautiful cities, Perth in Western Australia. The aim is to provide a global platform for Zoroastrians, which caters effectively to both aspects – business networking as well as holidaying with family, all at affordable prices.

“We wish to promote global business opportunities for Zoroastrians, with a special focus on promoting entrepreneurship and youth leadership. The prime objective is to bring Zoroastrians together globally on a common and mutually beneficial platform, so that in the long run we all will be able to achieve newer heights and do justice to the legacy of industriousness and greatness that our ancestors were known for,” says the dynamic Firoz K Pestonji, Head of the Organising Team for the 11th WZC, who is also the Founder of Business Association of West Australian Zoroastrians (BAWAZ) and entrepreneur of multiple businesses including Aussie Perth Tours, Perth Maxi Charters and Aussie Info Tech.

Laying major emphasis on areas related to the younger generation, entrepreneurship, culture and women visionaries, the 11th WZC will facilitate visiting business entrepreneurs and professionals to meet their local counterparts and encourage interactions to broaden their knowledge base and businesses. The Congress will be attended by the Whos’ Who of our Community and local Australians of global fame.

Marking their presence at the IUU 2017, Firoz Pestonji and his wife Mahrukh, will be sharing a presentation detailing the Perth Congress, as part of the IUU itinerary. Speaking to Parsi Times, Firoz says, “This initiative taken by Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor, Havovi and the IUU team, to bring prominence to Udvada even beyond the worldwide Zoroastrian community, is a magnificent effort and we wish them all success. Supported by the Gujarat Government and the dream of our respected PM, Shri Narendra Modiji, we are sure the second of many IUUs will be a great success. Best wishes from all Zoroastrians of Australia!” Adds his enterprising partner and wife, Mahrukh, “The 11th WZC and its global team wish all success to the IUU 2 being held in our Udvada. May our Paak Iranshah sahebjee bless and protest us all, as always!”

Perth promises to render the perfect balance of business opportunities and stress-free time with family with the itinerary planned in a way conducive to offering the best of both – business and pleasure. A fresh approach to the Congress has been planned with a panel of fantastic speakers and dynamic discussions with breakaway sessions on youth, entrepreneurship, business and culture that will prove to be an enriching experience for all as global perspectives will be shared based on unique experiences as Zarthostis. Plus there will be a high entertainment quotient with gala dinners, local sightseeing, partaking the fabulous Australian cuisine, and tours to the Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, etc. The packages have been priced very affordable for all, and you can choose your own preferred itinerary with regards to travel and stay, in keeping with your budget. Registration for the 4-day-3-night 11th WZC is open to all Zoroastrians.

For more details, visit www.11wzcperth.com.au