New Year Contest Results

We thank all our readers for sending in an overwhelming response to our New Year Contest.

Congratulations to the following Top 3 Winners!


Ding Dong Tolls The Bell

– By Ruby Daruwalla


Ding dong tolls the bell,
With its chime, the year 2017 fell.
The whole world tried to pick it up, and reinstate it once more on the Map,
But it laughed and scoffed screaming, “I wait for no man!
Time is my master, and I will not wait for your plan.
I stayed with you for 12 Monthsm
But you did nothing except for stunts.
I am off to No-Man’s Land, never to return,
But I am ringing in 2018 with Jupiter and Saturn.”
Dear 2017, I have learnt my lesson,
I assure you I will make 2018 full of Fashion,
Ringing in love, Hard work and help to all.
Being ready to assure all at the future call,
Making my life meaningful and bold,
Bowing to Lord Time and turning it into Gold



My New Year Wish!

-By Farida H. Doctor

My New Year (2018) wish, is the same as before,
I do not have just one wish, but four,
Two flats and two brides, for my two sons,
My sons are no longer, the little ones.

Both my sons are educated and have a good job,
Seeing them unmarried, makes me sob,
If my four wishes, are granted this year
My eyes will not shed, a drop of tear,

After I am granted, my wishes four, I will have, two wishes more
Two grandchildren – A grandchild each by each son,
I know, grand children are a lot of fun!



Happy New Year

– By Firoz Batliwalla

2018 aaivo che,
Navu saal laivo che,
January ma banaavanu list
Ne monthly budget karvanu fix,
March ma Navroze ni rajaa
Ne Pulao Dal khava ni majja!
June ma varsaad no dhamaal
Ne ek peg piyo toh thai jaai kamaal!
August ma New Year ni party
with Sali Boti and Chapati,
December ma javanu gaam,
Ne Nava Varas ma karvana sara sara kaam!!



Winners are requested to kindly call on (022) 66330405 between Monday to Friday from 11am to 4pm.


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