Police Inspector Cyrus Irani Conferred ‘President’s Police Medal For Meritorious Service’

On 24th January, 2018, Parsi Times was delighted to break the news (on Facebook) regarding our very own Police Inspector Cyrus Boman Irani being conferred the prestigious ‘President’s Police Medal For Meritorious Service’ by the Government of India, on the wake of our 69th Republic Day. Police Inspector Cyrus Irani (attached to the Special Branch II CID) is one of the only two Parsi Police officers serving in Maharashtra, with the other being his own older brother, Police Inspector Kayomerz Irani. The President’s Police Medal is a decoration awarded annually to select law enforcement officers of India for gallantry and distinguished services on Republic Day and Independence Day.

Cyrus Irani joined the police force as Direct PSI (Police Sub-Inspector) graduating from the 1993-94 batch along with his brother Kayomerz. “Kayomerz has been a great source of support and guidance to me. I was inspired to join the Police force by my uncle, Homi Irani who also served in the Police force and retired as a venerated ACP (Assistant Commissioner of Police) in 2002. We used to get completely taken in with the crisp uniform and the respect it commanded – it was like a ‘craze for the khakee’ that we shared! And we would listen intently to all the stories he would share with us – these things lit a fire within us to join the Police Service,” shares the proud Inspector.

And serving the nation seems like a proud family tradition! His late father, Boman Behram Irani worked at the Bhabha Atomic Research Center and his mother Piroja retired as Office Superintendent from the State Excise Department. Doing the entire community proud, Inspector Cyrus Irani from Mumbai’s Godrej Baug, resides with his mother whose blessings he feels are always with him, his supportive wife Delnaaz and daughter Benaisha who studies at Villa Theresa High School, and who he affectionately calls his “lucky mascot”!

Currently in his 25th year of service in the Police Force, Inspector Cyrus has also been the recipient of the distinguished ‘Director General of Police Insignia’ in 2007. Speaking to Parsi Times, he said, “This honour is thanks to the blessings of Ahura Mazda and my loved ones. I feel proud to share this with my Community and add to our rich heritage of men and women who served the nation.”

When asked what message he would like to share with the Parsi youth, he says, “I would genuinely urge more of our Parsi youth to consider a career in the Police force. It’s sad to see how the decline of our population has replicated the decline of Parsis serving in the Police. In keeping with the strong reputation of our community as a just people who represent integrity and honesty, I look forward to our youth being a part of one of the most prestigious law enforcing bodies of India – the Maharashtra Police Force!”

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