Ajmalgadh To Celebrate First Jasan And Gambhar

During times of trials and tribulations in the past, our ancestors shielded and protected our sacred Shreeji Pak Iranshah by shifting it to different centres from time to time, which include: Sanjan (669 years), Bahrot Caves (12 years: 1393 – 1405 AC), Vansda Forest – 14 years: 1405 – 1418 AC), Navsari (313 years: 1419 – 1732 AC), Surat (3 years: 1733 – 1736 AC), Navsari (5 years: 1736 – 1741 AC), Valsad (1 year: 1741 – 1742 AC), Udvada (272 years: 28th October, 1742 – till date). Most Zoroastrians are familiar with most of these places, except for the fact that Shreeji Pak Iranshah was kept in a cave on the hill at Ajmalgadh in Vansda Forest, for 14 long years (1405 to 1418).

3To create awareness about this historic site, The World Zoroastrian Organisation Trust (WZOT) in association with Vansda Parsi Zarthosti Anjuman (VPZA) have organised the first ever Jashan to be performed on the hill top at Ajmalgadh on 24th February, 2018 (Roj Mohor, Mah Meher) at 10.30 am, followed by a ‘community gambhar’ at the AH Wadia Hall at Vansda. The initiatives taken by WZOT and VPZA, have resulted in Eco Tourism (Gujarat) as well as the construction of a road to reach atop the Ajmalgadh hill, by Valsad (North) Forest Division.

A memorial column has been constructed on the hill top, and the path to the caves, which wasn’t accessible due to dense foliage has now been cleared, thanks to a group of youngsters belonging to a sister community who took on the arduous task. Recently, Team WZOT organised a visit to Ajmalgadh for the youngsters of the Return to Roots program that helped them appreciate the hardships and sacrifices made by our noble ancestors to preserve and protect our sacred Shreeji Pak Iranshah during those tumultuous years. Community members are requested to attend this first-ever jasan and gambhar at Ajmalgadh to commemorate the location where our revered Shreeji Pak Iranshah was kept safe for fourteen long years.

For registrations and details, contact: Darayas Mirza, Secretary, Vansda Anjuman on 09537660914.

Directions: From Mumbai to Ajmalgadh via NH48. Via Chikhli (275 km; Approx Time: 4hr 53mins).

Take road to Western Express Hwy – keep left, continue on Varsova Rd/Western Express Hwy to stay on NH48 towards Valsad – keep straight, arrive at location: Chikhli. Ask for Chikhli Rankuva Road – Arrive at location: Rankuva. Keep straight along Rankuva Vansda Road. Arrive at location Vansda – Keep right (You will find sign boards and volunteers here till Ajmalgadh, Ghodmal), Vansda Dharampur Road, Reach Kavdej Bus Stop, Left towards Ghodmal (Ajmalgadh)

For the best route visit https://goo.gl/maps/PbbzC8Gypqz

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