Eduljee Brothers Felicitated At VCCCI 2018

Taking their Bawa love for motorcyles and two-wheelers to another level, motorcycle experts and car connoisseurs, the brother-duo – Kerfegar and Mehernosh Eduljee – were felicitated at the prestigious Vintage and Classic Car Club of India (VICCCI) 2018 event that took place on 11th February, 2018, at its annual Vintage Car Fiesta. For over a decade now, Kerfegar and Mehernosh Eduljee, recognized names in the motorcycle circuit, have been invited by VCCCI to judge its annual event for the Motorcycle and Two-Wheeler Segment.

The judging took place a day prior to the event, on 10th February, 2018, at the Mahalaxmi Race Course, from 10 am to 6pm. Kerfegar and Mehernosh judged numerous categories of two-wheelers including Vintage, Classic, Modern Classic, Indian Heritage, Best Restored, Best Maintained, Concours D’ Elegance, Most Unique, Most Original and Judge’s Discretion. The dynamic brothers are not new to being invited to judge and review numerous prestigious such events and rallies.

Speaking to Parsi Times, Kerfegar Eduljee said, “Motorcycles and motorcycling is a passion that has grown over the past 25-plus years of riding and researching. Almost anything with two wheels interests me. Classic motorcycles more than the rest, occupy a podium position in my heart. Other than my motorcycle journey to Khardung-La, the highest motor-able road in the world at 18,380ft, I have been judging the two-wheeler category in Vintage and Classic events regularly since many years. I’m pleased to notice the increasing levels of restoration and passion in this field. It’s indeed a privilege to meet like-minded people, see their prized possessions up close, hear stories and get a peek into the history of their machines. But most importantly, even as I judge these magnificent machines, I’m constantly learning more myself!”

Mehernosh Eduljee shares, “I’ve been judging the Vintage and Classic events since the 90’s now in and out of Mumbai. The journey has been long and satisfying. I’ve had the good fortune of riding and owning some of the cream of British motorcycles. I also have a fondness for Classic Italian scooters. Bicycles are another passion – I’m the proud owner of a few such British beauties! The scenario of motorcycling has evolved and changed a lot since the time I started out… appreciably, for the better. Enthusiasts have been seeking, finding and restoring ‘ready for junk’ condition motorcycles, thereby, not just salvaging a piece of history, but also passing it down for posterity. I’d like to ask all to respect others’ privilege to the use of tarmac. Always be in sync and understand your machines limits. And be safe!”

Kerfegar concludes with, “I take this opportunity to share a few basic pointers that every motorcyclist must follow. Ride hard, but don’t ride stupid! The earlier one can differentiate between this thin line, the longer will one enjoy the privilege to ride. Motorcycles are made to provide pleasure, not pain. Always wear a helmet and gear. Plan your journeys well, but be ready for contingencies. Help fellow riders always. So, let’s raise a toast to the ‘Spirit of Motorcycling’!!”



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