FOZAWAC Organises All-Parsee TT Tourney

Parsee Gymkhana Triumph!

The FOZAWAC All-Parsee Table Tennis tournament held at the Cusrow Baug Pavilion on 10-11 February saw a good turnout, with competitors arriving from Maharashtra, Navsari and Surat. Senior warhorses Percy Mehta, Sarosh Shroff and the Khandadia brothers rubbed shoulders with some upcoming talents. The Team witnessed 16-year-old Sohrab Mehta of Malcolm Baug, almost take Cama Park ‘B’ to victory against Parsee Gymkhana ‘B’ team, before the latter held out to fashion a spectacular comeback. Zubin Taraporewalla, partnering 76-year-old Farokh Munshi, single-handedly took his team to the brink of victory, in the Jumbled Team event, before handing over the match to opponents Arzan Khambatta and Zahir Zaiwalla in a nail-biting finish. In the end, both Zubin Taraporewalla and Frenaz Chipia of Parsee Gymkhana annexed the Open Singles, Open Doubles and Team titles, besides having a hand in both the Jumbled events titles.

The players unanimously appreciated Cusrow Baug Welfare Association for their Pavilion, AMCO for the use of their tables and other equipment, and Rusi Bhumgara and his team at FOZAWAC, who organise various sports tournaments throughout the year.

Final Results:

Open Singles
Zubin Taraporewalla bt Frenaz Chipia
Open Singles
Zubin Taraporewalla/Frenaz Chipia bt Percy Mehta/Sarosh Shroff
Parsee Gymkhana ‘A’ bt Captain Colony ‘A’
Veteran Singles Sarosh Shroff bt Percy Mehta
Jumbled Doubles Percy Patel/Viraf Toddywalla bt Arzan Khambatta/Peshaan Kerawalla
Jumbled Teams : Frenaz Chipia/Percy Patel/Kersi Parekh bt Homiar Mohta/Rashid Anklesaria/Nauzad Munshi.


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