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Re: Udvada Gets A Facelift

As reported in Parsi Times dated 17th February 2018, it has indeed taken an unfortunate tragedy to give Udvada Station a facelift and increase the height of the existing platforms.  While State-of-the Art amenities are most welcome at this “Pilgrimage-Destination Station”, crossing the Foot-Over-Bridge upon arrival / departure, is an arduous task, particularly for senior citizens.

In this connection, may I suggest that in place of the proposed new over-bridge, lifts (elevators) such as those currently in place at Vapi Railway Station, be provided on platform numbers 1 and 2 at Udvada Station as well, for the convenience of senior citizens and pilgrims. As for halting the “Flying Rani” at Udvada Station, our Parsi Community would be thankful to the Indian Railway authorities, if they would sanction the same, at the earliest.

Aban Zarir Sethna (thrity.sethna@diplomatie.gouv.fr)

Recommendations On Udvada Station Revamp

Ref, “Udvada Station to get face lift”, I strongly recommend that instead of spending huge amount on AC Waiting Rooms and Retiring Rooms, which will be hardly used, the greater priority is to have lifts installed on both platforms – 1 and 2. Most of the pilgrims to Udvada by train are Senior Citizens and they find it extremely difficult to cross over and I have witnessed several instances that older persons crossing over the tracks from Mumbai end of the platforms almost getting run over by passing trains! Several Zoroastrian companies are in the business of lifts and they can be persuaded to donate / supply and maintain the lifts at cost. Also, some of our philanthropists could be requested to donate towards this cause.

Further, they should construct shelter all through the platforms; as during the rains it is very difficult to board and alight the train. Further, indicators for the coaches may be installed on the platforms as is the case with several stations; since, in absence thereof, we see passengers with great difficulty, running towards their respective coaches once the train stops.

Farrokh Katgara

Re: Udvada Railway Station To Get Face–Lift

Great news that Udvada station is getting upgraded. I have read your article and wish to express my views:

  • There is a certainly a need to extend Platform No.1. The permission and sanctions would take quite some time. Our community member’s mostly Senior citizens will keep suffering. A quick way to solve the problem is to make the train stop twice at the station after a short interval. Example – the Gujarat Express stops twice within a short time at Dadar Station in the morning.
  • Pressing need for escalators as most Senior citizens find it difficult to climb the Foot over bridge while returning to Mumbai.
  • Why have all the lovely trees been chopped? Most of us sat under the trees to get shade from the hot sunlight. The roof on Platform no.1 and 2 should be fully extended to the entire length of the platform so that we get some relief from hot sun and rain.
  • Some sign boards must be installed to inform the General compartment, A/c, 1st class.
  • Waiting rooms not required or the Dharmshalas will suffer. Instead, have clean toilets for gents and ladies even if one has to pay Re.1 – Rs.2. per visit but cleanliness is a must. Senior Citizens after a long journey need to relieve themselves immediately. Trains are packed and toilets are filled with daily trader’s articles. Thus clean hygienic toilets on both the platforms is the need of the hour.

I request your Newspaper to highlight the above requirements to be considered by the Udvada Committee representing and communicating with the railway authorities.

Nauzer D. Pesikaka (npesikaka@rediffmail.com)


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