Social Initiatives By ZDO

The Zoroastrian Dentist Organization (ZDO) recently conducted a one-day dental camp at Navsari, providing free treatment, including dental implants, to needy Zoroastrians on 28th January, 2018. ZDO also organized a full day Continuing Dental Education (CDE) seminar at the Taj Mahal Hotel with over forty-five Zoroastrian dentists in attendance. The program commenced with a minute silence for the departed souls Dr. Fali Driver and Dr. Noshir Pirozeshah, followed by an address by Prof. Dr. Porus Turner, who lauded the achievements of Dr. Keki Mistry, Dr. Firoze Mirza and Dr. Framroze Antia.

The seminar witnessed twelve Zoroastrian dentist, Porus Turner- Prosthodontist and Implantologist, Mr. Danesh Vazifdar- Dental Technologist, Dr. Farzana Bharucha- Restorative Dentist and Endodontist,  Dr. Ruxshin Bhot- General Practitioner, Dr. Kaiwan K. Shroff- Prosthodontist and Implantologist, Dr. Nilofer Currawalla- Orthodontist,  Dr. Cyrus Karkaria- Implantologist, Dr. Xerxes Khambatta- Periodontist, Dr. Khushnuma Karkaria- Orthodontist, Dr. Rushad Nariman- Prosthodontist and Implantologist, Dr. Rukshin Irani- Endodontist, Dr. Ushaina Fanibunda- Endodontist and Dr. Pervez Cooper- MDS student 2nd  year, from different specialties of dentistry who presented their clinical experience.

The next scientific meeting of the ZDO will be held in Dubai in the month of November and all Zoroastrian dentists across the globe are cordially invited to register with Dr. Jasmine Tavadia +91 9820537290 or Dr. Ruxshin Bhot +91 9870218787.

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