Thane Agiary Celebrates 238th Salgreh

The Trustees of the Thana Agiary Fund (TAF) celebrated the 238th anniversary of Seth Cowasji Patell Agiary, Thane, on 21st February, 2018, with a Uziran Geh Maachi, followed by a Jasan at 5pm. Attended by over three hundred and fifty Zarthostis, the celebrations continued in the Agiary compound at 7pm, with a Humbandagi led by Er. Behramshaw Sidhwa. Trustee, Homi Talati welcomed the gathering and extended floral greetings to Chief Guest, Er. Aspandiar Dadachanji as well as the Mobeds and staff of the Agiary. Er. Dadachanji enlightened the audience about the consecration of our Holy fires, followed by an audio-visual presentation of the journey of the Atash at Tavdi Gaam from Navsari to Mumbai’s Jokhi Agiary at Godrej Baug. He also narrated a short story of how the Atash Padshah of Aden was shifted to the Lonavala Agiary, and concluded by praising and thanking the Trustees of TAF. The Trustees of TAF executed the Education Financial Assistance Scheme (EFAS), by providing financial support to students from kindergarten to Std. IV with Rs.15,000/-; from Std. V to Std. VIII with Rs. 25,000/-; and from Std. IX to graduation with Rs. 30,000/- per annum respectively. The celebrations ended with a sumptous gambhar.



First we say not to use moblie in agiary or atashbehram…there are big notices kept… and here is a photo inside the agiary premises….

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