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On the Occasion of Valentine’s Day, Here’s what the PT PUNdit has to say…

Valentine’s Day Tips By The PT PUNdit

Some of us are born flirts,

But the rest of us aren’t the as-evolved twirps…

You see love is simple – it doesn’t need a perfect plan,

Over-planning could result in our young Bawis losing their ‘macho’ man!

So here’s a list of things you could do,

To ensure you end up in a pot of stew…


  1. First off, bro, don’t bother to shower,
    I mean – do you really wanna come off smelling like a flower?
    And how you smell don’t really matter,
    Coz your smell doesn’t make her heart go pitter-patter…
  1. And ladies, please, don’t bother about your hair – there’s no need to comb or brush,
    I mean come on, all said and done – he’s just another crush!
  1. Boys – go right ahead and dig your nose for that goobie-gold,
    Hell! You could even sneeze on her if you’ve got a cold!
  1. In front of him you should yawn loudly,
    Your etiquette doesn’t really make him think of you proudly.
  1. Be as obnoxious as you want,
    Pick at all his faults – go one step further and taunt!
  1. Your breath doesn’t need to smell too nice,
    I would suggest eating loads of garlic and a little spice…
  1. You don’t need to take an interest in anything he has to say,
    Just be bindaas and do things your own way…
  1. Talk as loudly as you can,
    Go right ahead and embarrass your man…
  1. With your mouth wide open one must chew,
    And ensure that the audio effects can be heard by all, not just a few…
  1. Be on your phone 24 by 7,
    That’s right – don’t give her even a slice of heaven…

Okay seriously now – note the sarcasm in all this…
Don’t follow my advice and you could get that much anticipated kiss!

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