Fitness Tip Of The Week By K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences

Running – Much More Than Burning Calories

Your heart-pumping run is an easy activity which require special skills. Running is a weight bearing (you are bearing your body weight) and impact based (your foot strikes repeatedly) activity.  Pounding of the ground or treadmill repetitively leads to better calcium absorption in the leg bones, improving their density and strength; thereby lowering the risk of fractures. Studies show that running can preserve and strengthen your knee cartilage (cushioning in your joints), and prevent knee pain and arthritis. Running is highly functional and has a transfer to daily life. Running can keep you emotionally elevated. It offers a natural feeling of happiness and accomplishment known as runner’s high. This euphoria is caused by a flood of chemicals in the blood known as endocannabinoids, making you feel confident and powerful.

Avoid running injuries by strengthening your body through weight training. Run fast enough to raise your heart rate, yet make sure you are able to carry out a conversation while running. Take it slow when you start jogging and gradually increase your running pace to allow your body to adapt. Lace up, run and repeat. Your heart, health and muscles will all be glad you did.



Lata Rajan
Senior Faculty (Exercise Science)
K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences
Fitness Icon Kaizzad Capadia

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