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To us, ‘Light’ means so much more… we worship fire and light symbolizes purity and wisdom. When it comes to lighting our homes the options are endless, yet there is nothing worse than picking the wrong piece that doesn’t do the right job and feels like a bummer when you turn it on! Lighting can dramatically change the way a room feels. Just because your room doesn’t have natural light or great overhead lighting, doesn’t mean that it can’t be a beautifully lit room. Ace interior designer and owner at M Daruwalla and Son, Hormuzd Daruwala, highlights various kinds of lamps that can do the tricks and help bring in that additional light some rooms desperately need. 


Types of Lighting:

Before we dive into the various kinds of lamps to choose from, let’s understand the different types of lighting and where they work best:

‘Ambient Lighting’ is the most common and denotes any type of lighting that generally lights a space in a diffused way, creating a warm and soft glow – like if you’re looking for soft, natural feeling light in a room. Lamps with fabric shades on them, glass opaque domes, or basically anything diffuses the light from the bulb fall in this category.

‘Overhead Lighting’ is that which throws light downwards by being situated on the ceiling or having a downward shade.

‘Task/Directional Lighting’ serves a more specific purpose – helping you with a specified task which requires more directional light, for eg., a reading lamp

‘Accent Lighting’ doesn’t bring in much diffused light to a room but serves as an accent piece, having exposed bulbs, which can often be harsh to look into. They are sculptural, pretty and provide light, but should be used sparingly.

Important Tip: Always remember that each room should be lit from at least two sources of light – one of which should always be ambient lighting.

Having understood this basic concept of lighting, let’s explore how lamps can help extenuate and add to the designing flair in our homes. Lighting can impact and improve everything about your house, from its architectural appearance to its color scheme. Updating to beautiful fixtures will change the look and feel of the complete space and economical pricing. A quick weekend lighting install could change the look and feel of your entire home! The following are a few ways you could update your living space with new lighting:

Ceiling Lamps

Modern Floor Lamps: You can easily and effectively change your design style by switching out a lighting fixture or two to reflect a new trend you love. Adding a modern floor lamp instantly refreshes a room with the same furniture. It adds a nice, cozy corner with a reading light and provides ambient dim-lighting during parties.


Pendant Lights: A contemporary pendent light over a dining table will add a new dimension to the living room. An ultra-modern light fixture spices up your room, giving you a good talking point. A small pendent even enunciates a bedroom corner and is probably the most used light before going to bed.

Ceiling Lights: If you have an existing false ceiling with old in-ceiling lights, remove the old fittings and use recessed LED lights of smaller wattage like 6W to 12W. Recessed fittings give a warm glow to the entire space. For higher intensity, you can increase the number of light fittings, so at a party only selected lights can be switched on, as per your preferred lighting requirements. You can choose to have a combination of ambient lighting and task lighting too.

White Light Or Yellow Light? Busting The Myth!

The debate always arises, white light or yellow light, some other color in the middle…? Some say we read better in white light, some emphasize the preference for yellow! Let’s understand this – the color of the sun is yellow and sunlight is the best light for any task. White light being better for reading is a myth or rather a wrong mind-set. In olden days, we had only tube lights and incandescent bulbs, the lux level (light intensity) of a tubelight was much higher than that of a bulb. So the world got accustomed to reading in white light. But today, the lux levels of yellow light is at par with white light, or even better in some fixtures.


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