WZCC And WZOTF To Support And Promote Parsi Entrepreneurs

The World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce – India (WZCCI) and WZO Trust Funds (WZOTF) have announced a joint plan to support and promote Parsi/Irani Zoroastrian entrepreneurs, professionals and start-ups by funding selected projects in India with interest-free loans. Only the principal amount would have to be returned, over a pre-determined period.

WZCCI and WZOTF invite Zoroastrian Donors to come forward and contribute amounts ranging from Rs. 5 to Rs. 25 lakhs towards creating a corpus of Rs. 5 crores to help our young people start-off their entrepreneurial careers or help small businesses reach scale.

Edul Daver, Global President, WZCC, New York says, “Today is the right time for the right idea and opportunities are limitless for the bold and restless who are willing to dream big, work hard and persist until they achieve success.”

Says Captain Percy M Master, WZCC President – India Region, who will drive the project in India, “With this Financing Initiative, we are fulfilling a long time need to encourage the youth of our community to venture into business. We request our youth to come forward with a good Business Plan. We will Guide and Mentor you to taking the first steps to start your business. We are confident that this is a small beginning of something big. Please don’t miss this opportunity. We have great confidence in the future of our youth and in the glory of our community. May Ahura Mazda bless our youth and propel them to greater heights to become the stars of our Community.”

Mr. Dinshaw Tamboly, one of our Community’s leading philanthropists and visionaries, and Chairman of WZOTF, the enabling organization for this project, said, “WZO Trust Funds, have over the years encouraged, motivated and supported community members to be self-employed. Between 1995 to end March 2017, we have extended interest-free financial support up to Rs. 5,00,000/- to 1,038 individuals at 114 locations in India towards being self-employed in disciplines of their choice. The new initiative of WZCC and WZOTF working in tandem towards a common goal promises to give a further boost to the Zoroastrian spirit of entrepreneurship lying latent in the minds of many in our community.

WZCC – I and WZOTF sincerely hope that a large number of well placed, India based Zoroastrians will come forward and donate sums of money to give a big boost to Zoroastrian Entrepreneurship in India. A separate fund raising drive has also been initiated in US and other parts of the world to contribute to this fund. WZCCI and WZOTF also hope that a large number of youngsters will come forward and avail of this offer by presenting well-thought through and comprehensive business plans. 

For more information, please contact:

E: wzccindia@on-lyne.com |Ph.: +91 9619165444 / +91 7045225939

E: trustees@wzotrust.com; admin@wzotrust.com  |Ph.: +91 22 23684451/52/53

USA: eduldaver@gmail.com  |Ph.: +1 9083974443

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