Cumballa Hill School Celebrates Annual Day

The Cumballa Hill High School celebrated its 78th Annual Day on 31st March, 2018, at Sophia Bhabha Hall with ‘I Have A Dream’ as their theme. Delivering excellence in education and providing holistic development to students since the past seventy-eight years, this year the school invited ‘UN Environmental’ award winner of the spectacular Versova Beach cleanup project, Afroz Shah as their Chief Guest. The event commenced with felicitations and prize distribution ceremony, followed by rounds of entertaining performances by students from Nursery to Std IX, elegantly choreographed by the Dance and Fitness Academy. Speaking to Parsi Times on behalf of the Management, principle Bapsy Chubb said, “It’s been a long journey for me as Head of Cumballa Hill High School for over 59 years. Sometimes it has been disheartening to witness the turmoil our students have to face, especially in their senior years with exams, more tests, unfortunate leak of papers, late results etc. Though I must say that in a School like ours, we approach problems without undue stress and resolve them with sensitivity towards difficulties and bring positive assurances and results.

In junior students, one should allow the child to be a child. We encourage and invite good speakers, hold good workshops, explore possibilities of relationships with on-going training and counselling. Good teachers make good students – guidance is not always warranted – but good common sense creates development for plans which work.

Time is a scarce commodity for most teachers bogged down by classroom, corrections and planning of lessons. It’s imperative to take up unique challenges and prepare schedules which allow for discussion and indepth study of class behavior pattern; we also hold meetings to integrate interesting current topics outside curriculum for observation and nurture young dreams. Let’s make it a matter of principle and integrity that School leavers who go for further studies have respect, pride and confidence to face the world.”

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