Dasturji Kukadaru Saheb’s 187th Birth Anniversary

11th April, 2018 marks the 187th Birth Anniversary of our most revered, loved and worshipped saint, Jamshedji Sohrabji Kukadaru Saheb. Known as the Zarthosti Saint of the 19th Century, Dasturji Kukadaru was born on 26th May, 1831 in Surat, Gujarat, (Zamyad Roj, Avan Mahino) and is as well known for his humility and simplicity as he is worshipped for his piousness and ability to perform miracles. He lived a simple life with asceticism and unflinching adherence to his priestly discipline of chastity. He moved to Bombay later where he served as a Priest at Kappawala Agiary.

Dasturji Kukadaru Saheb is known for performing numerous miracles through his lifetime and helping all those who approached him for guidance and assistance. Numerous instances include saving the life of a young boy nearly dying from jaundice; transforming a brick into a bar of gold – the proceeds of which were used to build the Anjuman Atash Behram in Mumbai; miraculously predicting a number of incidents including the deaths of Empress Victoria of England, Sir Dinshaw Petit and various other personalities. His spiritual guide was Dastur Azar Kaiwan Bin Azar Gushasp Saheb. Living a life of absolute modesty, Dasturji Kukadaru even cooked his own meals consisting mainly of khichdi and ghee, with the help of solar heat, while continuously reciting the Avestan prayers.

The peoples’ faith in Dasturji Kukadaru Saheb spread considerably due to the power of ‘Nirangs’ or short prayers that he instructed all to pray during times of difficulties. Dasturji Kukadaru advocated the power of prayers and projected unparalleled devotion to Ahura Mazda, Zarathustra and their beautiful creation – the Mazdayasni-Zarthosti Religion.


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