Hyderabad Zoros Hold Fun Treasure Hunt

The residents of Bai M N Chenoy Agiary Complex in Hyderabad organised a Treasure Hunt competition on 15th April, 2018. Conceptualised by Faram Desai, twenty-four members, aged between five to ninety-five years, participated in four teams comprising six members each. The hunt also included a ‘Scavenger Hunt’ containing props which had to be procured and produced before the judges. Team Red comprising Armaity Debara, Kerfegar Antia, Hormuzd Debara, Niloufer Bharucha, Darius Debara and Varzavand Debara won and were awarded a prize of Rs.1,000/—, followed by Team Blue, Team Green and Team Yellow, which were also felicitated by Secretary and Treasurer of the Trust, Russi Doctor and awarded cash prizes sponsored by the Trustees of the Agiary. In his vote of thanks, Kerfegar Antia thanked Faram Desai, Russi Doctor, Judges- Staty Doctor and Dilnawaz ltalia, Chanda Patel for providing refreshments and all the members and volunteers for making this event a grand success.

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