Letters To The Editor

It’s Time You Spoke!

It’s time to speak up… and you spoke! The article by Mr. Randeria speaks volumes of truth and is self-explanatory. Thousands of our community members were in 50/50 mindset and confused, but after reading his article we have got clarity – he has cleared all our doubts about matters, especially the working of BPP and the good work being done there under the leadership of Yazdi Desai. The excellent allotting of 135 free homes to poor Parsees speaks volumes of the sincerity in discharging their duties without fear.
Lastly, I was impressed by the tone and khandani language used by Mr. Randeria – it AFFIRMS HIS COMMITMENT TOWARDS OUR COMMUNITY. May Good Continue to Triumph Over Evil!
– Aspi Aibara



Thank You Parsi Times For Massive Support!

On behalf of Godrej and Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd., we sincerely appreciate the support given by Parsi Times Team for TATA Mumbai Marathon – 2018. The appeals carried for voluntarily donations generated a very positive response amongst noble donors, due to which we received good donations. The donors informed us that they got encouraged to donate after reading the detailed and informative work done by the needy 4 NGOs, in Parsi Times.

  1. A lady from Pune after reading the appeal in PT contacted us and generously donated Rs. 5,00,000/-. We truly appreciate the cooperation by Team PT in our noble journey of doing good for the Society and are confident the same will continue in years to come.
  2. A BIG Thank you to the entire Team.
  3. God Bless and Best Regards,

Nariman Bacha
Associate General Manager-Administration,
Personnel Administration Dept. (Plant-11, Ground Floor)
Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd.
Pirojshanagar, Vikhroli (West)
Email – bacha@godrej.com


Beautification of Udvada Station Pending

Madam, given below are the few points that need immediate attention:

  1. Platform No.1, though raised, still needs to be extended at the moment as the last four to five coaches don’t get a platform alongside to step down on and it causes lots of problems for senior citizens, women and children while alighting from the train.
  2. Steps of the foot over bridge are very high which causes problems for the passengers. I suggest there be a simple slope with proper
    railings to facilitate the climbing and getting down. This will help passengers to also move their luggage easily.
  3. Proper overhead roof must be constructed for both platforms. At present, it’s painful for passengers to stand in the sun or during the monsoon season. Also enough lights, fans and sitting facilities should be provided.
  4. At least one canteen must be provided for snacks and drinking facilities.
  5. The facility of railway porters or coolies should be provided to help carry the luggage of passengers and to help and assist senior citizens.
  6. The announcements on the public address system have to be made regarding the timings of the arrival and departure of the trains.
  7. Someone suggested about the stopping of the ‘Flying Rani’ train at the station – I suggest to allow the ‘Karnavati Express’ for the same – both ways. It will really help pilgrims to make their visit more practical and convenient.
  8. Hope that concerned authority will look in to this favourably.

– Dhunjishaw E. Dastur

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