Inauguration of New Dadgah At Navi Mumbai

On 14th May, 2018, (Hormuzd Roz, Dae Mahino), over three hundred Zarthostis gathered to witness the grand inauguration of the Shirinbai and Khurshedji Hormusji Doongaji Dadgah at Koparkhairane, Navi Mumbai. The proceedings commenced with an inaugural Jasan performed by Vada Dasturji of Udvada Khurshed Dastoor, along with Dasturji Adil Bhesania of Wadiaji Atash Behram, Dasturji Kaizad Kotwal of Anjuman Atash Behram, Er. Minoo Umrigar, Er. Farzad, Homi and Navroz Kudiyaniwala at 10:07 am in the main hall of the building. Following a Humbandagi, the first Jasan nu Atash was offered to the main Atash Padshah Saheb enthroned in the kebla.

The gathering proceeded to an air-conditioned hall on the second floor of the adjoining building where post a Humbandagi, Shahrukh Doctor delivered the welcome address and expressed his gratitude towards all those who were instrumental in making this new Agiary a reality, especially Architect, Jamshed Bhiwandiwala, and first member of NMZA, Aspi Sorabji Dadachanji. Trustee of ‘Executors and Trustees of the Estate of Late Shirinbai K Doongaji’, Aspi Darukhanawala thanked the Navi Mumbai Zoroastrian Association (NMZA) for allowing the Doongaji Trust to be a part of this project, as well as Vada Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor, Vada Dasturji Dr. Firoze Kotwal and Vada Dasturji Dr. JamaspAsa for their expertise. Initially, it was suggested that Atash from Bharuch’s Doongaji Agiary be brought in to this new Dadgah. However, due to unending opposition, it was decided that a new fire will be consecrated on the whole. Hence, on 9th May, 2018, Dasturji Adil Bhesania and Dasturji Kaizad Kotwal commenced the rituals of the consecration of this Dadgah in Koparkhairane.

The event concluded with Trustee of NMZA, Nozer Mirza delivered the vote of thanks, followed by refreshments and a delicious lunch.

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