Surat’s JJ Adarian Celebrates Salgreh

The Sir Jamshedji Jeejeebhoy Adarian, (Adajan, Surat) celebrated its 191st Salgreh on 3rd May, 2018, (Roj Behram, Maha Adar), with a Jasan performed by Mobeds Er. Kayomarz Bhesania, Er. Darayus Bhada, Er. Yazdi Turel and Er. Kersi Amrolia. All Zoroastrians in and around Adajan were present for the Jasan. A day before the salgreh function,  Zoroastrian children in the vicinity helped clean the Agiary. The Panthaki of the Adarian, Er. Noshir Turel, the caretaker of the Adarian for 23 years now, who has performed 125 nirangdins, was honoured for his services.

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