The Mystical Ceremony In The Himalayas

The WESAK festival (called  VAISHAKH in India) occurs annually at the time of the full moon of TAURUS Zodiac sign in late April or early May. A ceremony takes place on this day in a Tibetan valley on the further side of the Himalayas 390 miles west of Lahasa wherein blessings are given to all those who attend to see the vision of Lord Buddha. In his book ‘Symphony of the Zodiac’, author Torkom Saraydarian describes it in highly esoteric terms which I’ll simplify for the readers.

A few days before the full moon, colourful tents are set up by devotees, they gradually increase in number as people from nearby towns, disciples, wandering tribes, monks and lamas gather there, all in the south of the valley-plateau, leaving the north eastern part free for initiates, great masters of theosophy and free-masonry, adepts and evolved souls. The members of this group may be in the body or spirit-forms and at full moon, take symbolic positions (according to their ranks) to form a five-pointed star with the spirit of Buddha at the apex. This awakens the souls of the gathering who chant the mantra of  “Buddham, Sharam, Gachchami” in three  concentric circles with more rhythmic chanting, the glorious figure of the Maitreya Buddha appears with a rod of gold with large diamond knobs on each end, radiating a blindingly beautiful aura of blue and orange colours. The crowd chants the mantra of salutation, forming a triangle within the inner-circle, at the apex of which is a rock with a crystal bowl with gold ornamentation and garlands of lotus flowers. A few seconds before the full moon, a tiny speck of light appears in the sky when the rod of power is touched to the bowl.

The light comes nearer and nearer, growing in clarity until the form of Gautama Buddha is seen above the rock. This marks the supreme moment of intensive spiritual group invocation of high potency. Buddha raises his right hand (Varad-Hast) to bless the congregation as well as the world in that one rare moment of blessing when humanity and divinity make contact. It is fabled that only those souls with pure hearts can actually ‘see’ these visions of peace and love being radiated as beautiful streams of light and energies from them to penetrate a little more deeper into the mysteries of the Kingdom of God. The huge crystal bowl is filled with celestial holy water and slowly, the form of Buddha, sitting in a cross-legged position wearing a brilliant yellow robe and flooded with an awesome light (aura) of the most brilliant colours, recedes into the distant sky until again, only a faint speck of light can be seen, which also eventually disappears.

Thus, Buddha returns, once a year, every year, on the ‘Wesak’ full moon to bless the unhappy planet Earth, transmitting renewed spiritual energies to those who wish to tread the lonely spiritual-path. Can we tap into these spiritual energies? Yes. Any sincere aspirant can, by setting aside seven days of Wesak -3 days before the full moon and 3 days after, to recite mantras (any mantra of your religion), holy living, vegetarian food, abstinence from sex, purification sublimation and a burning desire for transformation.

On Wesak day, have total orientation towards truth, prayers, goodness and beauty. First you contact your own soul energies and at full-moon, visualize Buddha’s great energies flowing, penetrating, every pore, and every atom of your body. Thank these energies for changing your life into higher states of being. Three days after the full-moon, repeat what you did and the way you lived on the 3 days previous to it. In each one of us are celestial energies of the Himalayas and the Wesak valley. We just need to raise our consciousness. For those who believe (like me), no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is enough. The choice is yours!

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