Zoroastrian Saga Exhibition – A Huge Success

Frohar Foundation presented the annual exhibition, ‘The Zoroastrian Saga’, at Allbless Baug, Charni Road, Mumbai, from 19th to 21st April, 2018, which was inaugurated by Vada Dasturji of Surat, alongside BPP Trustees Kersi Randeria and Viraf Mehta, Mrs. Anahita Desai and Mr. Dinshaw Mehta. After the ribbon cutting, Er. Dr. Ramiyar Karanjia, escorted the guests around the exhibition presenting a commentary. The event exhibited a vast range of visuals portraying our Iranian Kings and dynasties; religious ceremonies like jashan, navar, martab, vendidad, muktad, dokhmenashini (with a model of the Dokhma), etc.; a model of the Fire temple with the priest (Mobed Saheb); the sacred bull (Varasiyaji); stained-glass panels representing the Ameshaspands and Yazatas, different types of fire; the story of Prophet Zarathustra and Dastoorji Kukadaru, etc; 3-D friezes depicting the Landing of the Parsis on Sanjan shores, their meeting with Jadav Rana; King Cyrus The Great, his tomb; Alexander and his army; King Darius the Great, the epic story of Rustom and Sohrab and stories from the Shahname of Firdausi Toosi, the significance of the Sagan Ni Ses and the Navroze Haft-Seen Table. The additional module added this year was the Kavyani Zando, the National Flag of ancient Iran.

The days are filled with activities like Inter-Religious dialogues and competitions and the evening were packed with culture, dance, drama and music. The students of Dadar Athornan Institute led the Humbandagi for the commencement of the show, followed by a Monajat by the children of Godrej Baug. A viewing of highlights of the tele-serial of Dudh Ma Sakar gave insights to some of the Tele-serials produced by Frohar Films so far. Frohar Foundation Trustees Er. Cyrus Dastoor, Feroze Sethna and Bakhtawar Shroff with Committee Members Shernaz Hathiram and Soonoo Andhyarujina felicitated a number of personalities including Vada Dasturji Cyrus Dastur, his wife Mahanaz, Er. Dr. Ramiyar Karanjia, BPP Trustees Kersi Randeria and Viraf Mehta, Er. Yezdi Aibara and Anahita Desai. The vote of thanks was given by Bakhtawar Shroff.

The second day kicked off at 5.00 pm with a Rangoli Competition, entertainment performances by students of Lady Engineer School and Activity High School and the Frohar Antakshari Competition. Next morning began with an Inter-Religious Dialogue on Teachings from the life of our Prophet, followed by a vegetarian lunch. The evening started with the XYZ Cook Off, followed by a welcome address by Zarine Commissariat and a felicitation of Mr. Atul Shah, Corporator and Spokesperson of BJP and ex-MLA.      Zenobia Davar, who had conducted an embroidery workshop across all three days with 23 enthusiastic participants, announced the winners and gave prizes and tokens to all participants.

Next was the Sing Along with XYZ followed by singing performances by Viraf Daruvala and Jamshed Kotwal and the event concluded with Lagan Nu Bhonu.

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