Adventure Education Tours – Even The Sky Is Not The Limit!


Specialists in Education Tourism, Adventure Education Tours organised a unique, twelve-day tour for 150 Indian school students, from various Indian schools, to numerous prestigious institutions across the United States of America, from the 1st to 13th May, 2018. This once-in-a-lifetime tour covered some of the most coveted destinations and activities including The Kennedy Space Centre at NASA; the Google Campus where they attended a seminar on Google Assistance; Facebook Campus; Intel Museum Interactive Tour; Stanford University Campus with a specially organized Treasure Hunt; Universal Studio and Hollywood Tour in Los Angeles – Hollywood Walk of Fame, Homes of Famous Movie Stars; Wonder of the World – the Grand Canyon and Sky Walk; sightseeing at San Francisco’s Twin Peaks and Golden Gate Bridge; Madam Tussauds Museum, Florida; and a helicopter ride.

One of the highlights of this tour was the visit to NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre, where students participated in unique activities including building suspension bridges, Mars rover robots, building and launching rockets, and personally partook in the Rocket Launch Experience, Zero Gravity Experience and the Astronaut Training Experience. They even had a fun Question and Answer session with an astronaut who had travelled to the International Space Station as part of his space missions. They visited various places of interest including the Launch Pad from where man travelled to space and set foot on moon and from where the rockets and SpaceShuttles are launched; the Vehical Assembly Building where rockets are assembled and taken to the Launch Pad; the Atlantis Space Shuttle – the highlight of the tour and learning about Mission Controls and a sneak-peak into the Gigantic Space Shuttle. The most exciting and only place in the world where the students got a hands-on experience is at the Space Shuttle Launch Stimulator on which real astronauts train!

Other fun activities also included an experience of a helicopter ride over the beautiful city of parks with ariel views of the famous Disney World; a visit to Sea World to catch the Dolphin and Whale Show; and shopping at the famous Florida Mall and Walmart. A total of 12 staff members, including school principals and teachers, and 5 Adventure volunteers ensured the safety of the students.

 “We have been conducting tours to USA and NASA since the last 6 years, during which we have taken over 1000 students from across 45 to 60 Mumbai’s schools to the USA, both West Coast and East Coast. Every year we strive to reach greater heights by empowering our students with more enriching experiences and a different touch,” says Sharukh Shroff, Managing Director, Adventure Education Tours, adding that his wife Tannaz Shroff, along with Astad Majra and Khurshid Mehta are the driving forces behind the success of the company.

Established in 1996, the company commands a customer bank of over 5 lakh students, and undertakes Edutainment Tours and student exchange programmes for school students across Egypt, Spain, South Africa, Singapore, London, and other places globally. “Parents entrust us with their children to distant destinations because they know that everything that their child needs will be provided for, with personal attention to each student. We provide for everything including visas for the USA, and this becomes useful in the future as the visas are given for a ten-year period and should the student wish to pursue an education abroad, this serves handy. Every year, the team develops new programs which are the need of the hour in the field of Educational Tourism such as – One Day Space Programs (conducted by professionals); Outreach Programs (where children are taken out of the confines of a classroom and given an experience of cultural awareness); Help the Needy Program; Visits to Educational Institutes and Universities all over the world to imbibe the global taste of education,  Immersion Programs; Field and factory visits across 1000 Indian destinations; understanding the concept of Sustainable Lifestyle and ecosystems; Conducting Awareness Programs for Rural Child Education, Outdoor Safety (Self Defence, Traffic Rules, Laws); Conducting Adventure, NCC, Scout and Guide Camps, and much more,” explains Marketing Director, Bezad Shroff.

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