Up For A Pup?

Rani is a gorgeous, less than two-year-old, purebred Doberman with the temperament of an angel. She understands basic commands. She’s been vaccinated and spayed – so there is no scope for breeding. She’s very gentle and loves cuddles and being a lap dog. She’s not guard dog material. She gets along with other dogs given a day of quiet socialization. She’s high energy and needs a lot of exercise. She’s very fast and agile and a spectacle to behold when she runs.
We’re looking to help Rani find her forever home and forever family – one that is preferably experienced and can commit to giving her the care, love and life she deserves, with spacious premises (like a bungalow or a large, spacious flat).


If you’d like to be the lucky pet-parent(s) to Rani, kindly send ONLY MESSAGES (WhatsApp/Sms) on 7387097292 with basic details including your location in Mumbai; family and residence size; prior experience with dogs. We will surely get back in touch
with you.

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