Your Monthly Numero-Tarot

Parsi Times brings you Dr. Jasvi’s monthly column on her unique Numero-Tarot Readings, based on your birth month.

January (Lucky Number – 3; Lucky Tarot Card – Empress): A good week ahead filled with creativity and joy, especially for ladies born in January. Financial stability is indicated. An ending brings in opportunities to start afresh. Explore this new journey.

February (Lucky Number – 6; Lucky Tarot Card – Lovers): Love is in the air! You will enjoy romance in the days to come. Health will be fine. Do not be in a haste to complete things.  Relax, everything will unfold at the right time.

March (Lucky Number – 11; Lucky Tarot Card – Justice): Justice is on the cards. Legal issues will get sorted. Overcome feeling like you’re being neglected and shoulder your due responsibilities. Take the world in your stride.

April (Lucky Number – 19; Lucky Tarot Card – Sun): You will enjoy happiness, name, fame, prosperity and success in the days to come. You need to break out of your illusions and understand that all that glitters is not gold. Travel is on the cards. You are advised to do a little charity.

May (Lucky Number – 21; Lucky Tarot Card – World): Follow your intuition. You will be supported financially. Bathe with rock salt. You might get a chance to travel abroad.

June (Lucky Number – 1; Lucky Tarot Card – Magician): Victory is on the cards. The universe blesses you in all areas of your life. Health would be fine. Be confident. Don’t take things too personally.

July (Lucky Number – 17; Lucky Tarot Card – Star): Clear your confusions. A conducive time to gain as well as spread knowledge. Good health is indicated. Angels bless you with the correct balance for a successful life.

August (Lucky Number – 5; Lucky Tarot Card – Hierophant): You know where your destination lies but you must seek the right path to get there. Take care of your health. Do not over exert. You might have to juggle certain things in life. Strike a balance between your income and expenses. The divine energies bless you.

September (Lucky Number – 2; Lucky Tarot Card – High Priestess): A good time for students born in September. A very creative and happy month ahead. Financial stability is indicated. Do not give importance to small fights and struggles.

October (Lucky Number – 4; Lucky Tarot Card – Emperor): Enjoy a week full of love, happiness, satisfaction and joy. Spend quality time with your family. Keep yourself updated about the latest happenings around you. This is a great time to start a new venture.

November (Lucky Number – 10; Lucky Tarot Card – Wheels of fortune): Travel is indicated. You need to overcome confrontational situations. Celebration is on the cards. There might be temporary phase of non-liquidity of funds. Take an expert’s advice on professional matters.

December (Lucky Number – 8; Lucky Tarot Card – Strength):  Your spiritual healing has begun. Be grateful for what you have, rather than complaining about the little things you lack. Confidence is your key to success. Stay focused and move ahead.


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