Devotees Attend Hama Anjuman Jasans To Protect Our Sacred Fires

To strengthen our collective community efforts and invoke divine blessings to further empower our `Save Our Atash Behrams Movement’, Hama Anjuman Jasans were held across three Atash Behram in Mumbai on Sunday, 15th July (Roj Ardibeshest, Mah Asfandarmad), with an open invite to all Zarthostis.

The jasan at Anjuman Atash Behram commenced at 9:00 am and was attended by sixty community members. Performed by Er. Kaizad Kotwal and Er. Burjor Tarachand, the jasan concluded with a Humbandagi.

Commencing at 10:00 am, the jasan at Wadiaji Atash Behram witnessed a similar number of devotees and was performed by Er. Nairyosang Turel and Er. Hoshedar Randelia. Addressing the gathering, Er. Turel said, “The entire Parsi Irani community must pray to Lord Ahura Mazda that the two holy fires of our Atash Behrams are not desecrated by the Metro tunnels running underneath.” He further thanked advocate Zerick Dastur for taking up the case of our Holy Atash Behrams and working tirelessly with the sole object of protecting our holy fires, faith and our belief system.

The jasan at Banaji Atash Behram commenced at 5:45 pm and was performed by Er. Mehernosh Behramkamdin and Er. Jehanbux Chithiwalla. Attended by fifty Zoroastrians, the ceremony concluded with a Humbandagi, followed by distribution of chasni at
6:45 pm.

Speaking to Parsi Times, Trustee of Wadiaji Atash Behram, Hosi Dastur said, “Just as all have for the first time come together on the same space and spoken in one united voice to preserve our sacred fires and protect our noble religion and the practices associated with it, in the same way I pray to one and all to forget the differences and come together as a role model minority community as termed by our honourable Prime Minister and stand united for the future progress of our community.”

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