From The Editor’s Desk

From The Editor's Desk

Of ‘Cause’


Dear Readers,

It’s an interesting time for our Community – more than ever before, we are showing a strong sense of cause, collectively as a community. Keeping our differences aside, we have been displaying great consistency and speaking up in one voice in support of the ‘Save Our Atash Behrams’ Movement. Our unity, in this regard, continues to be seen not just across various social media platforms but is also demonstrated when we peacefully gather in solidarity outside the court during hearings related to our Movement – our common cause. And perhaps that is the keyword here – ‘cause’.

A cause gives higher meaning to life. When we stand for a cause, any cause – individual or collective, we invest our energy in having a meaningful existence by contributing towards something bigger than our current selves. A cause connects us with a sense of deeper purpose. The more we engage in a meaningful life, the more fulfilling life feels.

Having a cause that you resonate with is essential, without it we lose our way and get demotivated and depressive. Research has shown that the phases of our life when we are dedicated to a cause, are when we are most likely to nurture a mentally and physically healthier outlook on life, and be more resilient to stress and illnesses. Living life with a cause – even if short-term – recharges you with a burst of energy that keeps you going. It adds excitement and awakens your creativity. Without a cause, life becomes monotonous and robotic – days become a drag, weekdays come and you do what’s needed, weekends approach and you look forward to them but are disillusioned because even though it’s been busy, it hasn’t been exciting or stimulating. You just keep going with the motions. A cause makes you look forward to each day, as opposed to just weekends and vacations. It brings in much needed action and positive change in you and also impacts your environment.

Parsi Times is delighted to share with you an interview with Bombay’s Delnaz Balsara Sharma, who recently won the First Runner –Up title at the prestigious ‘Mrs. India She Is India 2018’ Pageant (Pg. 10). And not surprisingly, through most of our conversation, she spoke passionately about the cause she’s been supporting for a long time, ‘Stop Domestic Violence’, saying that one of the best things about her winning this coveted title was that it offered her a bigger platform to voice her cause. Congratulations and Kudos to Delnaz!

As the saying goes, ‘having a cause helps you differentiate between making a living and making a life’, and I hope that those of us who relate to an increasing sense of monotony, futility or loneliness will take the effort to pursue higher meaning in life, ask ourselves, “What is my cause?” and then make it ours!

Have a lovely weekend!


– Anahita

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