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The following are the winning entries for ‘CELEBRATING RELATIONSHIPS IN POETRY AND PROSE’ Contest:

Congratulations to the following Top 3 Winners!

Marriage – The Love Carriage

By Roshan Dastoor


Majority of the span that we live our life,

We end up as someone’s husband or wife.

I choose to partner with the relationship called ‘marriage’,

The vehicle, though punctures at junctures, yet makes for a sturdy ‘carriage’.

The words “I DO” set the stage

For a learning experience that matures with age,

A wonderful blending of laughter and tears,

A warm understanding that deepens with years.

It’s saying, ‘I Love You’ with words or a glance,

It’s caring, it’s sharing… a lifelong romance!

To my life partner, I dedicate this verse,

Thanks for being my ‘better half’, for better or for worse!



To Chikoo…

(In memory of my pet dog, Chikoo, who passed away early this month and left a big void in my life.)

By Armine Bharucha


Life goes on, they say…

Unfolding in the most unexpected way.

Often not the way we plan,

But testing the spirit of man.

When I was down, you stood tall,

Helped me sail through it all.

By my side, you always were,

Made me forget every fear.

But who knew what fate had in store,

Our days are numbered, we don’t get more.

The rainbow bridge, when you did cross,

Left me with an irreparable loss.

Tears roll but I still smile,

For I know you’re in God’s isle.

And when He calls, I’ll join you there…

Until then, my love, take care!!


The Apple Of My Eye

By Parizad Sirwalla

A mother is created when a child is born,

With my son’s birth, all my troubles were gone;

Fifteen years back, God blessed me with a prize,

Ever since then, my luck is on the rise;

From toothless grins, to soulful eyes,

The daily chants of “Mom take a chill pill” cries;

The mother- son bond is a perpetual delight,

But in his upbringing, I never go light;

I listen to his non-stop chatter,

My own interests no longer matter;

Already, he is a handsome chap,

Soon he will outgrow his mother’s lap;

His laurels are my biggest pride,

Several demands make my brains fried;

Being his mom is my biggest promotion,

No titles give you this elevation;

“Mamma nu jaanu” is his pet name,

May he win all life’s games;

I am counting the years when he brings a wife;

Until then, I am happy being the center of his life.


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