Unicorp Group of Cos. Presents ‘The Zenith’ (Alibaug)

Introducing our flagship, ultra-premium villa project – ‘The Zenith’ in Alibaug, located on the most secure and super-exclusive, hill property on the alluring, premium island, which is very easily accessible by land and sea. Alibaug is today, the most sought after destination of the eminent, illustrious and distinguished UHNI (Ultra High Networth Individuals) who have made it their second homes and exclusive families retreats, for some time now. 

Saliant Features of this Unique Villa Development

  • Completely nestled in the wonderous and most exclusive island of Alibaug, midst of glorious mother nature, and yet just about 35 mins from the most exclusive and premium South Mumbai where an acre of land costs upwards of 388 crores.
  • Each Villa aims to have absolutely the most striking and splendid 180 degree sea views over the entire front panorama including the part of the Mumbai skyline, which proves to be simply breathtaking on a clear day.
  • The dorsal view is also as arresting marked by gorgeous and green hill side as far as the eye can see, with numerous waterfalls as well as undulating  waterfall streams passing right through the property, the sights and sounds of which add to the nirvana-like tranquility .
  • One of the last pure hill properties available within such short distance from the main Mandhwa Jetty.
  • Completely bespoke and constructed core and shell Villas as per design options by your chosen architect from our exclusive panel of topmost professionals in the country today.
  • Personal waterfall streams and potential to make mini dams and personal water bodies along with spectacular infinity swimming pools as well.
  • The projects exclusivity, security, sanctity and privacy will be further safeguarded and guaranteed by the construction of an entirely brand new private road as well.
  • Massive water reservoirs will be specially constructed to tap the ground water to ensure water supply to these super exclusive Villa projects as well.
  • Huge massive water reservoirs built at a great cost so that the water can be pumped up to each Villa.
  • Completely nestled in the midst of nature and still just 7-8 minutes from the main market for all groceries and essential supplies.
  • One of the most exclusive gated communities with full CCTV access as well as private security arrangements as well.
  • Tremendous and exponential increase in investment amount due to the advent of RO RO ferry as well as the new 8 lane highway construction which will reduce travel times dramatically even by road.
  • The luxurious Ro Ro ferry is going to be operational from next month thus making it so simple to go to this paradise at a moment’s notice and making the journey as memorable as the destination.
  • Complete paperwork to ensure perfect ownership title carried out by one of the most renowned Solicitors firm in the country, thus ensuring absolute and perfect peace of mind.
  • It also makes superb sense on an investment front as the real estate prices are all set for an exponential appreciation, due to its exclusivity and extreme proximity and phenomenal connectivity options round the year to South Mumbai which commands one of the highest real estate prices in the country.

Our representatives will personally escort you, along with the detailed site plans, to show you around the exquisite property.

For details, contact Ms. Madhu:
M: +91 90040 50000  |  E: madhu.tiwari@unicorpgroup.in

‘The Zenith’
is the initiative of
The Unicorp Group of Companies.

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